A Sigh Of Relief

Our busy weekend was such fun, but I feel like I have not been in my routine FOREVER!! 😦

Did my best to get back to it on Monday.  I had lots of laundry to work on, fresh towels in the bathroom and fresh sheets on the bed.  I love fresh sheet day!!  All the laundry is done.  I need to get back to my project of going through clothes to weed out what I don’t need or want anymore.  Too much is too much!!

Another part of my plan was to soak some beans to eat all week.  Well, my cupboard was bare…of beans at least so I headed out to get some.  I got a bag of black beans and a bag of pinto beans.  I’ve never made pinto beans before so here we are on a new adventure.

Pintos soaking.

Crockpot on the counter…ready to do it’s duty!

I realized something I missed terribly while on vacation was my overnight oats.

OOIAJ in my new wide mouth jar (thank you Ele!), ready and waiting for my Tuesday morning breakfast…yum…can’t wait!!

I was actually so full from the weekend I never had breakfast or lunch on Monday.  I nibbled on some Fiber One while doing things around the house.  Very tasty and filling and as my Gram used to say…good for your constitution!! 😉

Started to get hungry around 6pm.  I found some hamburgers in the freezer for Ralph but realized I didn’t have much for myself.  Then I remembered the leftover pasta salad from Saturday’s Rock A Hula party!

I had picked up some romaine, red and green bell peppers and Jersey tomatoes at Verchio’s on Friday.  I made a BIG salad and added some of the pasta salad.  I added a bit of balsamic vinaigrette and it was a done deal!

Oh, how I’ve missed my Big Purple Bowl…the joy of my life. the vessel of all goodness…holy cow, get yourself under control!!! 😉  Seriously, I love to be able to eat healthy and in my own routine.  I just feel better.

My pintos are crocking happily in the kitchen.  Not sure what I’ll do with them.  I’m sure they’ll end up in some combo in the Big Purple Bowl.  Guess I need to get used to them anyway since pintos are very popular in New Mexico!! 

That’s another exciting thing.  Just about 2 and a half weeks until we leave for our road trip to Ralph’s Army reunion in Colorado Springs and then to the happiest place on Earth…Silver City.  I’m trying not to think about it too much, so that I don’t get too excited.  Lots of preparations for such a long road trip and it will keep me busy until it’s time to leave.  Where to start…

Happy (Hopefully Not Rainy) Tuesday!! 🙂



6 responses to “A Sigh Of Relief

  1. I brought up another wide mouth jar for you but keep forgetting to give it to you!

  2. Pinto beans are my favourite! I like to make plain ol’ rice and beans with them. Onions, garlic…yum!

  3. Not too bad on the rain front today! I heard it rained a couple times this morning, but I was dry when I ventured out.

    Glad you’re excited to be back on track! Pinto beans are one of my favorites, too. Homemade refried beans!!! (Sauteed onions, then pintos with Mexican-flavored seasonings, mash with a fork. Heaven.)

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