What A Weekend!

This weekend was one for the record books.  As my sister, Ele said in the weeks leading up to it, “We sit around with Nothing to do and then…”  And then everything lets loose, literally and figuratively!

Thursday, I had just come back from 10 days in Florida. Friday night, Ele and I had the fun of going to our niece, Crissy’s bridal shower.  Saturday, we had Rock A Hula 2011 which was, as always just the Best!!

Sunday also had planned festivities.  Mother Nature however had other plans as well.  Around 3am, the skies opened up and stayed open until about 7pm.  Doing anything, going anywhere was an adventure.

Since our good friend, Jim was visiting from Washington, D.C to attend Rock A Hula, we planned to meet for breakfast.  Little Michael was also still visiting and his favorite breakfast place is the Hollywood Diner.  Of course, he always wins! 😉  We braved the downpour to make him happy!

Always drawing, just like Uncle Ralph!! 🙂

In an effort to do penance for Saturday’s transgressions, I got right back to my favorite healthy breakfast.  Two eggs scrambled, sliced tomatoes, dry rye toast (they have orange marmalade here…Yum!) and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top!  Very good coffee, too.  And we had the BEST server.  Her name was Suzanne and she told us she’d only been there for about 8 weeks, but she was wonderful!

Michael loves to wear Uncle Ralph’s hats!!

Might have been the pressure from the storms, but I had a terrible headache all day.  Fortunately, it finally went away before we left for the Engagement Party!  The party was for our niece, Crissy whose shower we attended on Friday.  We love her parents, Bill and Judy who are Ele’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  Are you following this?!? 😉  Anyway it was our first time to meet her fiance, Matt. 

We love visiting with them for many reasons, not the least of which is that Judy is an amazing cook!  Along with her son, Bill, they did a great job! Didn’t get either of their photos but I did get some of the food!

My plate…homemade spinach ravioli and eggplant parmesan, salad, garlic bread and bruschetta.  The sauce was a little nippy, but I liked it.  My only seconds were more salad and 2 more bruschetta.  So good!

And then…I was tripped up by…

An amazing brownie with Whole Pecans all through it…it was so Good!!  That was all, I even passed up cake so I guess I’m proud of myself. 

It was a great party and we got to meet Matt!

The Happy Couple…Crissy and Matt!!  Matt does have a bit of that “deer in the headlights” look.  No wonder…meeting a whole bunch of new people and it wasn’t even the whole family!!  He seems very sweet, though and we’re all so happy for her.  When I hugged him goodbye, I told him he was very lucky to have found Crissy.  When I hugged Crissy, I told her in my opinion, I think she’s pretty lucky, too.  I think that was the consensus.  We’re very happy for them.

So now it’s Monday.  I have been very much off track due to all of the circumstances beyond my control.  My mission today, to take charge of the circumstances that ARE in my control.  I need to get back into my routine.  Exercise (40 minutes on the stationary bike already done!), eat right and track my foods.  I can do this! 

At least it’s not raining today!!

Happy Monday!! 🙂


4 responses to “What A Weekend!

  1. New love is always such a happy thing!

  2. !!! i love to see mikey drawing at the breakfast table just like ralph. too precious.

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