One Down And Two To Go

This is a VERY busy weekend!!  Friday night Ele and I had a bridal shower to attend.  Our niece Crissy is getting married in October and the festivities are beginning!

Friday morning I got started on my contribution to Saturday’s fun, the Rock A Hula Party.

I made a whole wheat pasta salad with green and red bell peppers, grape tomatoes and fat-free Italian dressing with dried basil, garlic powder and ground black pepper.  Also added Locatelli cheese (yum!)  I just realized I didn’t take a photo of the finished product.  Duh!!  I’ll do that later when I add more dressing and post it tomorrow.  I always have to add extra dressing because the pasta absorbs it.  It gets more of the flavor that way.

So last night, Ele and I left earlier than we might have because there might be a lot of traffic and we were right.  We were just about right on time.  Ele’s sister-in-law, Judy was still assembling the cake when we got there.

So pretty!!

I didn’t get very good photos of Crissy the lovely bride to be, but here is a fun one of her opening her gifts.

Boy she got STUFF!!  We’ll be going to her engagement party on Sunday, so I’ll get better photos then and we also get to meet her fiance, Matt then too.  We’re excited to meet him.  Crissy has always been very special to us.

My snacks for the night…

Hot artichoke dip, bruschetta and little cannolis that were made with won ton wrappers…what a clever idea…and yummy!

We didn’t stay for the cake but here is how Judy displayed it before it was cut.

That’s Crissy and Matt in the photo.  We’re looking forward to Sunday’s party!

My result at Weight Watchers was much what I expected it would be.  I gained a pound and a quarter.  I was pretty off track the last 4 days I was in Florida.  The good news is…I know I can get back ON track.  In spite of this busy, food filled weekend, I know that I will track everything and get my act together in the coming week.  I like feeling positive like this.  My Weight Watchers journey has not always been like this, but I’m glad it is now! 😉

Well, I’m off to try to locate my Hawaiian shirt. 

Happy Saturday!  Happy Ro-ock A Hula Baby…Ro-ock!!!


10 responses to “One Down And Two To Go

  1. I’d like to see you do the Hula…..

  2. Hahahaha I agree with Bettysue. I think every barbecue should include that from now on.

    You WILL get back on track. I haven’t done bad, but I want to have one amazing healthful week before vacation. 🙂 See you very soon!

  3. valerie andruss

    Hula!! (just think of all the points you’ll use)

    BTW – I have hit my 10 lb goal and lost 44 cholesterol points (my original motivation) to go with it! no meds for me :-). Just 5 more actual pounds to go (I’d stop now, but even though I’ve lost 44 points, my cholesterol is still at 197, and I’m hoping it will drop back to 180 where it started.

    • Val, no actal Hula-ing going on. I could have used it too considering what I ate! Wonderful news about your cholesterol!! At WW we always talk about the “non-scale” victories.” That truly is one. Just happens it was the reason why you started!! Excellent!! I’m so proud of you!

  4. I love my whole-wheat pasta salad with grilled zucchini and olives! I make my own Italian dressings most of the time, but I use a ton of italian dressing mix when I cook and it gets very expensive.

    • Hi Olivia, thanks for checking out BCDC!! I’m just gettng into grilling veggies and I’ve been putting them in green salads which is delicious, but putting them in a pasta salad hadn’t occurred to me. Great idea though, thanks for the idea! I’ve never tried it, but I’m sure you could find recipes for Italian dressng without using the mix. That would get expensive if you used it alot.

    • Olivia, if you have an Aldi’s where you live they have the best Italian seasoning. It comes in a large containter and is around $2.00. I’ve also had success with the seasonings from Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree. Don’t let the names fool you. Check the expiration dates and give them a try. I also have recipes for Italian seasonings to make on your own.

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