Feeling The Crunch And Mystery Meals

We’re starting to feel the time crunch.  I fly home on Thursday and we’re feeling the time slip away…trying to fit in as much in as we can.

Monday we had a few more shopping stops on our thrift store tour.  There was another Salvation Army that we hadn’t visited yet.  It was a very fruitful visit for me.  I found a pair of khaki pants in perfect condition, which fit perfectly and because the tag was the “right” color…they cost $1.99!!  I couldn’t believe I found them and then to get them for that price was amazing!  Salvation Army stores must be my lucky spot.  I had gotten a pair of capri pants at the other Salvation Army store for $1.50.  They also fit really well.  They were both Liz Claiborne, so I guess I need to look for that brand from now on!

After a quick lunch at Taco Bell (big surprise there, huh?!?) we headed home for a little down time.  We caught a few episodes of NCIS, solved a few mysteries.

Dinner was a mystery.  We had no idea where we wanted to eat.  We drove around stopping a restaurants where we had never been asking for menus so that we could make a determination.  After about 4 different stops in Clearwater, we decided to head over to Safety Harbor which is a beautiful little town not far from where we are.

Gail remembered that there was a pier where manatees are often seen.

Manatees are so cool.  They look like big floating potatoes!  They’re also hard to  photograph.  They only stick out their noses to breath and then slip back under the water.  Here are a few noses…

At one point we saw as many as five manatees.  It was really cool and a beautiful evening to be out on the pier.

Saw lots of birds there, too.

For dinner, we finally decided on The Safety Harbor Grill & Bar. We had passed it a number of times but we hadn’t tried it before.  We thought we’d give it a try.

Some tourists!

Gail and I ordered the grilled veggie wrap.  We asked for a side salad instead of fries which was a good idea considering what was on the menu for after dinner.

It was very tasty…green peppers, onions, portabella mushrooms and bleu cheese.  Really good.  The service however was not so good.  There were only about 4 tables with customers and we waited about 25 minutes to get our food.  Other than that, it was a pleasant experience.

After dinner, we decided for a real splurge.

Cold Stone Creamery.  Alice had a gift card and decided to share with Gail and Me.  We were very excited.

So many choices!!

My final choice…

Coffee ice cream with toasted almonds.  It was delicious!!!  I had never been to Cold Stone Creamery before and it was certainly worth the wait.  When Alice figured out the Points…well, we hung our heads in shame but we didn’t regret it!! 😉

It was a very good day and we came home to a beautiful sunset…

We had lots of plans for our Tuesday, but there was a terrible thunderstorm around 5 am and now where having another down pour.  This may be a day to stay home and read!! 

Whatever happens, Happy Tuesday!! 🙂 



6 responses to “Feeling The Crunch And Mystery Meals

  1. Fran.You must back to Cold Stone Creamery.Let them know that you are leaving a tip in the tip jar and watch what happens.It would be worth the trip……

  2. It must be so magical to see manatees in the wild! I’ve never even thought of them before…but now they’re on my “must see before I die” list.

    • Stephanie, there’s a park down here at a place called Homasassa Springs. They have a large number of them there. The manatees are brought there when they’re injured and rehabilitated. Sometimes they’re kept there if they can’t return to the wild. I had seen them there and you get a better look at them there, but this was the first time I’d seen them in thewild. It was very exciting!

  3. Oh my gosh, we cannot ruin the surprise. It would be worth it to go back and leave the tip… However, a lot of locations have stopped caring about their traditions, and it’s not as fun.

    Stinks about the rain (we had some bad spots here today, too). But I’m sure you ladies wouldn’t really complain about another reading day.

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