Slow And Lazy Saturday And Sunday

Saturday afternoon was slow and lazy.  After our indiscretion at Chick-fil-A with the peach milk shake we headed home.  Just for general information, I did find the Points value of the shake.  For a 21 oz. shake it was 23.5 Points!!!  The shake is supposed to have whipped cream on it and I’m sure that was figured into it.  Gail and I got the 16 oz and without the whipped cream.  We figured that ours was probably about 15 Points.  My personal opinion…it was worth it!  Just have to make sure we don’t have them too often! 😉

Our plan for Saturday night was to go to dinner at The Island Outpost.   We planned to go on Saturday night because of the band that plays.  They’re called Slickside. I kept hearing how great they are and the press is accurate.  They’re terrific!  One of the reasons we go to the Island Outpost is because they have live music.  It was worth it to hear them.  Now Slickside is there on Tuesdays also.  I bet we’ll be going again on Tuesday! 😉

I ordered my usual, the tropical salad. 

This time I asked if they could make it for me with romaine lettuce because I prefer that to iceberg.  They were happy to do it and Gail asked for feta cheese on the side which we shared.  I also got it with the mango honey vinaigrette again which was delicious!  This is extremely filling and tasty.

Back at home, we watched an NCIS marathon…you can’t argue with that!  We just chilled out for the rest of the evening.  When it was bedtime, I wasn’t sleepy.  I watched TV until late and then read for an hour and I could have read longer.  I’m really enjoying The Little Book by Selden Edwards.  It’s a fascinating story with lots of twists and turns and Sigmund Freud.

Sunday has been slow and lazy also.  We did a few thrift stores.  We had a 50% off coupon for our favorite, Last Chance.  I got 2 nice shirts for Ralph which I think he will like.    He’s really cleaning up on this trip!

Our last stop for the afternoon was at Honeymoon Island State Park.  We stopped on our way at an open house at a condo complex just before you get to the park.    The condo had an incredible water view but it had no washer/dryer in it and no pets allowed.  That took it off of Gail’s list right away.

We enjoyed a short visit on the deck at the snack bar.

It was a beautiful breezy day there.  It’s such a wonderful place to rest and relax for a few minutes.

Tonight we’re heading to Julian’s Little Italy for dinner.  Alice loves it there. I found it when I was here in June but we never had a chance to go.  I’m looking forward to it.

So for what’s left of it…Happy Sunday!!!


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