From St.Petersburg To Reno’s

Wednesday was the day for our excursion to St. Petersburg.  Gail and Alice had been there some years ago, but since my visit in June when we had such a good time, they’ve been there several times.  We knew this visit would have to include a road trip there.

Started out with a good quick breakfast, bran flakes, Fiber One and frozen blueberries. 

I never thought of combining the two cereals, but it’s very good!

We had a nicely uneventful trip from Clearwater to St. Petersburg.  Our major planned stop on the trip was the St. Pete Pier.  It’s a wonderful place with a long history which faces a sad future.  You can read the history on the link I posted above.  Unfortunately, it faces demolition in a few years.  Supposedly it will be rebuilt but it still poses issues for the current merchants.

There are some interesting shops…

I took this one for Ralph because he’s a hat kind of guy! 😉

Our real destination on The Pier was Jonny Reno’s.  Gail and Alice had been telling me how terrific this was.  My conclusion…It was worth the trip and worth the wait!

A tourist next to the patio area outside of Jonny Reno’s with St. Petersburg in the background.

The outside bar.

The real reason we came…

Grilled veggies  with goat cheese on a wonderful crispy roll with fries.  I controlled myself and only ate a few fries, but I devoured the sandwich!  It was so good.  We got some of their red pepper relish on the side.

This was so good and although it’s not usually served with the sandwich it was a nice complement to it. 

We got to meet Jonny!

Gail and I told Jonny that we were very appreciative that he had such a delicious vegetarian choice for us.  He told us that he hopes to have some additional vegetarian selections as the menu develops.  We didn’t realize he had just opened at the beginning of July!

He was very friendly and I asked if we could get the recipe for the red pepper relish.  He said he’d have to check with the chef.  We didn’t get it, but Jonny’s in trouble because I now have his e-mail address and I plan to nag him until I get it!  😉  The food was wonderful and a beautiful setting to eat lunch.

Alice, Gail and Ray on the patio at Jonny Reno’s.

Later on the Pier…

We could have had our fortune told by Elvis!!

Gail and her new best friend!

New addition to my list, TIDNTKE (Things I Didn’t Need To Know Existed!)…

Key Lime Coconut Patties.  They are partially covered with chocolate.  I could have bought a box of six.  I could have bought a smaller pack of just two.  I didn’t buy any!  However, I think there’s another trip to St. Petersburg in our future while I’m here, so I may have to give them a try!

We had a great time at The Pier!

A parting shot of one of the Pier’s residents.  I just LOVE  pelicans!

Thursday is shaping up to be a thrift store day.  I might be in trouble.  I always find such cool things down here.  Poor Gail…She’ll have to tote it all home for me when she drives back to New Jersey at the end of August!

Off to go “junkin’!”

Happy Thursday!! 🙂

Happy Thursday! 🙂


4 responses to “From St.Petersburg To Reno’s

  1. I love when you visit Florida as you always have such wonderful places for me to visit in the future.St. Pete’s Pier is one of my favorite places in the entire state.You can see it doesn’t take much to get me excited.I knew you would like St. Pete.Glad you’re having such a good time with “the girls”.

  2. When I was a little kid, my favourite breakfast was mixed cereals. I’d mix up 4 or 5 in one bowl. Yum!

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