Flying Away

I was able to complete the last of my projects around the house on Sunday morning in preparation for leaving first thing Monday.  I felt better for that and was able to get the rest of my packing done.

Ralph and I decided we’d go to breakfast and we headed to the Gateway Dinner.  I had my new usual…

Broccoli omelette with sliced tomatoes.  Yes, I truly am boring!!

Had a quick visit with Bill and Patrick at Barnes & Noble…

It’s always great to see them.  We did miss seeing Alex but he was camping.  We’ll catch him next time!

Got all of my packing done…

Packing much lighter than my last trip to Florida.  I’m proud of myself for that! 😉

Got my book packed for the trip…The Little Book by Selden Edwards.

The Little Book by Selden Edwards: Book Cover

I’m really enjoying it so far.  I didn’t know anything about this until I picked it up at Goodwill, but so far so good!

Got my goodies packed for the flight…

This should hold me over.  Lots of Tootsie Pops because I know I’ll be thirsty but I don’t like to drink too much because I hate having to go to the rest room on planes.  Once per flight is all I can take. 😦

So Ralph and I will probably be on our way to the airport by the time you are all reading this.  I’m hoping to be able to post regularly as I did on my last trip to Florida.  We’ll see how it goes.  If I don’t see you for a few days…

Have a Great Week!!!


6 responses to “Flying Away

  1. valerie andruss

    Have a great trip!! I’m with you on airplane bathrooms – if there’s going to be one scrap of turbulence on the trip it’s going to hit just as I sit down. I fly dehydrated

  2. It’s horrible, but I do the same thing! I make sure to only have a little bit of coffee the morning before I fly. And so far, the only time I’ve had to use the plane bathroom was back and forth on my direct flights to Las Vegas. Go on, tootsie pops!

    • I did ok. My flight had a stop in Pittsburgh. Waited til everybody getting off was off, used it quickly while there was no one breathing down my neck and that was it for the trip! Good flight overall though. The Tootsie Pops helped!

  3. I hate using airplane bathrooms! I feel so self-conscious when I get out and there are people waiting in line for me to finish. Have a great trip!

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