…And The Food Continues…

After breakfast with my Weight Watchers “tribe” as my friend Pat likes to call us, I had to pay my respects at the viewing that brought my friend Bettysue to town.  Spent a little more time with her which was special despite the circumstances.

When I got home I shared with Ralph my good news about my weight loss and he told me he was proud of me.  Immediately he asked, “Where should we go for lunch?”  We were heading out to buy the DVD of Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part I.  We hadn’t seen it in the theatre and we know we’re going to want to see Part II when it comes out next week so we need to see Part I first! 

Seems Ralph is finally getting the feel for this whole Fran is working hard on Weight Watchers thing and he suggested Chinese…on Saturday…AFTER weigh-in…as it should be!! 😉

We decided food first and found ourselves at The China House.  It’s close by and we were both pretty hungry by that time.  I’m very predictable when it comes to my choices.  Still trying to stay on track even though this was meant to be a treat.

Started with egg drop soup…

Then my usual, Vegetable Delight on the Lunch Specials with brown rice substituted for the pork fried rice.  I’m boring, but I’ve figured out how to count this and I figure, why tax my brain more than necessary.  Just eat what I know! 

Fortune cookie!!

My fortune was, “A pleasant surprise is in store for you.”  Hmmm…wonder what that could be? 😉

As usual, Ralph drew for our waitress.  Everyone loves him there, because he draws for them.  They have several of his drawings hanging on their wall!

We went to BJ’s to pick up  our copy of Harry Potter and then we had an idea.  Why not go to Ice Cream Kids.  If I was going to be flexible on Saturday, I was going to be Really flexible.  I called Ele to see if she could join us, but she was having too much fun for us at a BBQ so we were on our own.

I had been thinking for weeks about the big waffle cone and drooling at the idea.  Last time we were there I was saved because they didn’t have any.  Not so this time…

…yes, that’s Me holding the HUGE ice cream cone!  Coffee on the bottom, rum raisin on the top thank you!  It was delicious and it was just what I needed.  I didn’t take a photo of Ralph’s banana split and I’m not telling anyone about it!! 😉 

It was fun as always and as penance, I tried to be good when we got home.  Just a big bowl of fruit for a snack later in the evening. 

To repent, I was up at 6am and on my exercise bike.  There are ways to make this all work.  I enjoyed the extras on Saturday and now I’m back on track. 

Haven’t mentioned my book lately, but I’m very much enjoying reading “What Falls Away” by Mia Farrow.  She is a better writer than I might have expected.  I’m thinking about starting another blog just for book reviews.  I’m usually not good at doing much more in a review than to say “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it.”  Maybe if I started this, I’d force myself to be a little more articulate about it.  Just in the thinking stages.  We’ll see.

Speaking of books…aren’t I Always?!?  Sister Ele and I have a date to go to Barnes & Noble for coffee this morning.  Can’t get my pesky printer to work so I’ll have to print my coupon at Ele’s before we leave.  Last week,  I put a book back because I knew I had a coupon at home and I wanted to be thrifty. So Proud of Myself!!

I’m off to see what the day will hold after B&N.  Iced coffee with cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup, Please!

Happy Sunday!


2 responses to “…And The Food Continues…

  1. It was nice being with fellow weight watchers. I am hoping that this week I can really get on the band wagon. I am having such a hard time wraping my head around it again. I did great back in 2001 when I became a life time member, butt stopped going to meetings and thought I could do it all on my own. How wrong I was!!! I gained the 39#’s back plus. Hopefully with everyones encouragement I can do it this time. When are you moving? I know Ele will be sad. We go to the same church.

    • Hi Carol! So glad you found me! Ele recognized you from your picture! I’ve been working with Ele and Susan on the Rummage Sale since it started. They tell me they’re making me an honorary Methodist! One step at a time on getting back on track. I’ve been off track a number of times since I reached goal. I got really off track when I was still leading classes which was awful, but I got over it. Meetings are the key though. You have my e-mail, if you need a boost during the week, just get in touch. Sometimes just talking about it helps! Keep the comments coming!

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