The Human Randomizer

Again a day of random thoughts and ideas.  I hear other bloggers talking about the “Randomizer” to select winners for their giveaways.  I guess I am a Human Randomizer these last few days.

Ralph and I were out running some errands.  He suggested Subway and I said take me there!

My favorite…the Veggie!  This time the girl behind the counter asked if I’d like my cheese and roll toasted and I said yes.  I liked it!  Spinach, tomatoes, sweet peppers, green peppers and Lots of black olives topped with their yummy Chipotle sauce.  Delicious!

Came home and set to work on my mountain of fruit. 

Sadly, the pineapple I had bought must have been riper than I thought when I bought it.  When I set to using my wonderful new pineapple slicer, the pineapple itself was a little beyond ripe.  The slicer did work well and I know it will be a big plus when I’m dealing with a fresher pineapple.  That’s why no photos, it truly was not a pretty picture. 😦

Cantaloupe, pineapple and watermelon all cut up and ready for snacking.  I love it when I have it all ready!  Makes me feel in control and ready to stay on track.

Gail left for Florida yesterday for the rest of the summer.  Alice is leaving tomorrow so I was gifted with all of the things in their fridges that needed to be used or thrown away.  I don’t like the idea of “thrown away.”  I’m now the proud owner of a big container of spring mix 🙂 , oranges, plums, cottage cheese, salsa and MANY other things.  My fridge is busting the seams!

The best thing is this…

It is a wonderful Israeli Couscous salad that Alice made. It’s from a Food Network recipe and trust me, I will be making this and I’ll share the recipe when I do.

Simply put it over a mountain of the gifted greens in my Big Purple Bowl!

So good…I didn’t need any additional dressing.  It was delicious and filling.  I’m always looking for filling!! 😉

One last random thing for all of you.  I had a comment earlier in the week from another blogger who mentioned Bloglovin’.  It’s a site where you can manage all of the blogs you love to read…all in one place!  It’s great and makes it easy for you to add comments.  You don’t have to keep checking if your favorites have new posts.  You check Bloglovin’ and there they are!  I Love It!  If you enjoy reading a lot of different blogs, this would probably be a plus for you!

I’m still working on being part of NaBloPoMo…National Blog Posting Month.

Still trying to figure out how to get the badges to show up on the face of my blog.  Anybody reading this who has any suggestions, please share.  I’ve e-mailed WordPress several times but had no response.  Frustrating.  😦

I’m enjoying this because it keeps me posting to prove to myself I can do it.

I can’t believe I’m saying this again, but I have a lot of things I’d like to do today.  I have to get some things done.  We’ll see how I do.  Just me…the Human Randomizer.

Happy Thursday!! 🙂


4 responses to “The Human Randomizer

  1. Watermelon is – by far – my favourite fruit! I have a 25 pounder waiting for me on the counter right now. Sorry your pineapple didn’t work out!

  2. take your “unlovely” pineapple and freeze it. Then, drum roll please, put a cup of it in the blender with a cup of what ever you subsitute for milk and blend that sucker like crazy! Remember the “strawberry milk ” that tasted like a milkshake? You couldn’t believe that it was just frozen strawberries and 1 % milk. That’s what I love about it. You can add a teaspoon of vanilla and a tablesppon of sugar if needed but I’ve never found that I really needed that.

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