Love and (Food)Lust For Random Things

I believe I have officially gotten on the OOIAJ band wagon.  For the uninitiated, that is overnight oats in a jar.  I think the original thought with it was that you put all the fixin’s in a nearly empty nut butter jar and that way you get the last of the goodness.  I don’t have any nut butter jars like that.  I try not to buy them because I will eat them and eat them and then, if the jar is plastic, cut it open and lick out the inside.  Sad but true.

I actually have unopened jars of almond butter and sunflower butter in the cabinet.  I could add it to my OOIAJ, but I’m trying to lower the Points value of it and nut butter would raise the value…but it would add protein…hmmm…I need protein, right…hmmm.  We’ll work on this!  Maybe it’s so good that it’s worth the points!

Yesterday’s OOIAJ…

The base was 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 a tub of Chobani Lemon yogurt and 1 tbsp of chia seeds.  In the morning I added a palmful of blueberries and one really Big strawberry chopped up.  It was so good and so filling.  I haven’t really been interested in lunch after eating it.  Usually just some additional fruit.  Maybe it’s not too many Points after all!

Stopped at the corner store with Ralph so that he could get a sandwich.  Came upon some things that qualify for TIDNTKE (Things I didn’t need to know existed.)

Cheez Waffies…returning from my childhood.  I can’t tell you how many of these I consumed over the years.  I should…just for fun, mind you…go in with my Weight Watchers calculator and see what the Points would be.  I probably shouldn’t because if they’re not TOO awful, I might be inclined to eat them.  Don’t need that right now.  I’m still reeling from trying on jeans…If I started to eat them I might not stop!! 😉

TastyKake does it again…Watermelon Pie?!?!?  They also have mango and Creamsicle flavors.  I don’t actually think that they sound very good (maybe the mango) but it’s always something!  They also have Lemon Cupcakes which do sound too good to be believed and they just need to live on the shelf and NOT in  my house…or tummy… 😦 

It was salad for dinner time last night and I think you are probably all sick of seeing my pie plate used as a salad dish…

…Well thanks to the Church Rummage Sale, I have a new and wonderful PURPLE bowl to use as my salad bowl…

Hand added for scale!  It’s more purple than these photos show, but I love it!  It’s deep so things don’t leap out and it’s light weight.  It’s a very heavy plastic and even has a rubber ring on the bottom to keep it from sliding around.  Best part…it only cost 50 cents!! 

So I cooked up some Morningstar Farms Grillers California Turk’y Burgers.

Lots of red and green bell peppers and tomatoes…

Topped with some reduced fat shredded cheese and Ken’s Asian Sesame Ginger & Soy dressing.  Excellent and very filling!  The transition is complete…I love my new bowl.  It’s odd, I think because it looks so big, it made me feel more satisfied.  Ok for me! 

Not sure what my Wednesday will bring.  There’s OOIAJ “cooking” up in the fridge.  I’ve got a lot I’d like to do today.  Will I get it done?  I hope so.  We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Wednesday!


8 responses to “Love and (Food)Lust For Random Things

  1. Even if you’re trying to lower your calorie-intake, I think that a serving or two of nuts or seeds every day is really important! High-quality fats are important for your brain, your skin, your hair…I don’t feel grounded if I don’t get enough fat in my diet. I feel skittish and twitchy. So yeah…crack open those nut butters!

    • Ok, Stephanie…when I finish here I’m going to my cabinet to unearth the jars…;-) I really want to try them, but due to my space restrictions in my kitchen, they got pushed to the back and I forgot they were there! Thanks for the nudge!

  2. I love your new purple bowl!

  3. I would so lust over those lemon cupcakes too. I have a thing for lemon desserts.

  4. Have you tried the Trader Joe’s Veggie Masala Burgers? They are fabulous! And the ingredients are very recognizable. I think they’d be perfect for your new bowl!

    • You’re too funny, Ameena! I’ve tried TJ’s Veggie Masala burgers and they are so tasty! Unfortunately, the only TJ’s around here is 15 miles away through an area of almost constant traffic and construction. Every once in a while, I’ll brave it. I try to stock up on things then. Should be time for a return trip!

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