Technical Difficulties

Well, I guess I learned another technical lesson yesterday.  I probably have to save any picture I get from the internet and then post it.  Well, well…we live and learn.  Thanks to Ele, for letting me know that.  If I had the focus, I’d repost them now for you, but you can all go to IMDB (International Movie Data Base) if you want to see the photos.  Won’t make that mistake again. 😦

Yesterday started with another too early wake up…this time 4am.  But I got through the day.  Got in my exercise in the morning, and a trip to Barnes & Noble with Ele in the afternoon.  So glad I finally figured out something I could enjoy there that didn’t cost half my Points for the day…not really, but it seems that way. My new favorite is iced coffee with the cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup.  It’s so good, tastes pretty much just like the frappachino and is only 2 Points…Happy Me!  We had a very nice time chatting and catching up on things.

While at Barnes & Noble, I picked up this on the discount table…

Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi.  In my defence, I have to say the fuzzy photo is not my fault.  That’s how the cover looks.  I’m interested to read this.  I know a lot about being overweight, but I don’t know much about anorexia so I’m looking forward to learning about it from someone’s personal perspective.  A view of someone waging a weight battle from the other side sounds fascinating to me.

At the moment I’m reading this…

What Falls Away by Mia Farrow.  Guess I’m in the mood for memoirs at the moment.  So far this is a beautifully written book.  I didn’t know a lot about her childhood, but it’s fascinating.   This was another one of my bargains, from Goodwill…99 cents!  Again, Happy Me!! 🙂

Ralph and I successfully finished off all of the watermelon I cut up the other day.  Glad to say I have another half to go.  This one wasn’t as sweet as others, but it was still refreshing and a really good snack.

When I finish here, my project is…

…a cantaloupe and pineapple that need attention.  I’m going to take my new pineapple slicer for a spin.  Looking forward to that.  Hopefully I don’t slice anything I’m not supposed to…I do have a reputation for that… 😉

I have a wonderful jar of over night oats in the fridge and I’m hungry!! Lots to do today so I’d better be off.

Happy Tuesday!!


2 responses to “Technical Difficulties

  1. I love book shopping at thrift stores. I love that I can walk about with a half-dozen books under my arm and pay less than ten dollars! OK, you’re making me crave watermelon now.

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