Keeping Track of Keeping Track

Saturday continued (after my 2am wakeup) with my usual Weight Watchers meeting.  I was a little frustrated because I gained a quarter pound.  Who gains a quarter pound?!?  😦  Doesn’t make sense…any self-respecting weight gainer gains at least a half pound…any way that’s what I did.  Could have been Friday night popcorn… never the less it’s on to better things. 🙂

After our WW meeting, Ralph met us for breakfast at our Saturday morning favorite, The Gateway Diner.  I ordered my new usual, scrambled eggs with sliced tomatoes instead of home fries. I’m so predictable!  But I like it, it’s filling and it works for me!

I have extra tomatoes because Gail ordered them too even though she doesn’t like tomatoes.  She and Alice were going to share Alice’s home fries (we all have our ways.) She off loaded her tomatoes to me and I was just as happy.  Ralph had pancakes and sausage…no concessions there! 😉

After that, I puttered around the house, cut up my watermelon…sadly not as sweet as some others we’ve had this summer, but ok.  It’s always a roll of the dice when you buy fruit like that.  Still tasty enough to keep me going.

Ralph decided he was in need of lunch so I tried to make a good choice and it was Picasso’s for me!   I love their salads and Ralph was able to get wings for about half the price of another local restaurant.  He was also happy with them because the hot sauce (which he doesn’t especially like…not a hot and spicy fan) came on the side and they were not greasy.  I got their tossed salad that I love with mozzarella cheese added and their yummy balsamic vinaigrette.

So good and filling AND I was able to snag some extra dressing to bring home.  Love it!

Gail had coupons for JC Penney and since she had recently gotten a pair of jeans with a coupon for 77 cents, we decided to take a trip there.  I didn’t actually see the receipt that said 77 cents, but she’s my best friend, so I have to believe her! 😉

The store is confusing and it took quite a while to find my size.  Then it was hard to find the kind of jeans I like.  I like them to hit my waist and because I am high-waisted that’s usually a problem.  Gail said “classic” fit was what I needed.  Couldn’t really find any in my size. 

It is frustrating though.  Even though I’ve talked so much about working to stay on track, how I’m below my WW goal, trying on those jeans made me feel Fat!!   It was very upsetting.  It wasn’t my fault that they didn’t fit properly and I finally convinced myself of that after 3 different pairs of jeans didn’t work.  Sometimes I think I should just dress in a shroud.  That would solve all of my worries.

But on to bigger and better things.  The only goal for yesterday that I really accomplished was to stay on track with my eating and tracking my foods. 

I did well I thought for the day, but Ralph in typical Ralph style brought home a Danish.  Since I felt I had been really good, I opted to have a piece of it.  I calculated it…:-(   I tracked it…:-)  And I got over it!

Using a suggestion from MaryLou, my WW leader, I have started to track foods that could potentially lead to trouble in RED.  So guess what color the Danish was written in?

Why Red of course!  Overall it was a good day, so I’m pleased.  I just need to keep at it.  It is always an ongoing process.  I’m very happy that I feel in control at the moment…in spite of that pesky jeans incident!! 😉

Off to face the day…Happy Sunday!  Keep Tracking!!



5 responses to “Keeping Track of Keeping Track

  1. Trying on jeans is generally a miserable experience. They’re either too long or too short or too tight or else snug at the front and sticking out at the back. Ugh. The only thing I hate more is trying on bathing suits. Ha!

  2. I abhor jeans shopping- even worse than bathing suit shopping! I find a pair and buy 5!

    • Hi Christine! You’re so right! I should stock up the next time I find something that fits! Problem is, they rarely have more than one or two of my size and style…sigh…the search continues…:-(

  3. I was lucky to find a super swwet seedless watermelon 🙂

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