Father’s Day Fajitas

Got off to a slow start on Sunday for some reason.  Kind of foggy in the head, but when I got un-fogged I got to my first project of the day.  Making my Big Salad to take to Ele’s house for Father’s day.

I’m loving the pre-cut romaine lettuce in the bag.  I’ve been getting it at Sam’s and it makes life a lot easier!

With the salad ready in short order, I started on my next project…

This beauty, also from Sam’s…a seedless watermelon!

I counted the pieces I left on the rind as my breakfast!  Good one.  One container for us and one to share with Ele.  And we have another half to look forward to later in the week!  Yum!! 🙂

At Ele’s, I helped her grill the steak and chicken for the fajitas.  Actually, I held the containers for her as she placed the meat on the grill.  She’s new to grilling but overall did a fantastic job or so the meatasauruses said!  I made suggestions on when to flip it since I know how Ralph likes his steak.

Inside, I did the veggie cooking.  Red and yellow peppers and onions to go with the steak and chicken.  Marinated zucchini and mushrooms for me!  Ele kindly had everything ready, I just had to turn on the stove and stir!  I can do that!! 😉

Ralph, Patrick and Bill waiting for the eating to commence.  Alex was in the kitchen with Ele and Me talking cooking.  He thinks he might like to become a chef…Ok with us!  We love to eat!  Since Alex likes to cook, he’s going to come over to Ele’s house and we’re going to give him some pointers.  He’s excited and so are we! 🙂

The first of my two yummy veggie fajitas!  Salad on the Side!

After dinner, Brownies by Ele!

Only one, but it was perfect!

Patrick, Alex, Bill and Ralph.  Two of the Best Dads in the world!

Alex cracking up Bill and Ralph with one of his acerbic comments.

It was a great day…we all left full and happy to have had the time to spend together.   Happy Father’s Day!

Off on a new adventure today.  We’ll see how it goes!

Happy Monday!


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