Things Adults Can Do If They Want (PG Version)

After Weight Watchers yesterday, Gail, Alice and I went off to breakfast at the Gateway Diner in Westville.  Like a dummy, I left my camera in the car so no photos.  I had scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes and only one slice of toast with jelly.  I felt I was off to a good day with food and felt somewhat redeemed after my gain at WW.

Boring, ordinary day filled with doing laundry, some sorting of things and planning Father’s Day at Ele’s house with Ralph, Bill and the Boys.

Ralph decided he felt like a trip to BJ’s and I restrained myself from buying anything except Aleve.  The same cannot be said for Ralph.  DVD Man strikes again.  I don’t even know what he got, but there were several.

We had planned on grabbing something to eat…Ralph had suggested Barnes & Noble but strangely, I didn’t feel like it…that’s scary when I pass up Books and Coffee!!  My brain has been hijacked by aliens or something.  It must have happened when Turner Classic Movies forced me to watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians at 4am on Saturday morning!  I didn’t watch it all but what I saw was actually pretty funny!

We hashed around a few places we might want to eat and we came to a joint decision on our best option…

Ice Cream Kids!!

Our favorite Escape spot.  See…When you’re an Adult…you can eat Ice Cream for dinner!  We tried to get Ele to join us, but she was at a graduation party.  That didn’t stop us.  Then Gail and Alice called and said they were going to a bar to meet a friend and I said we couldn’t, we were on our way for Ice Cream.  THEN…the was a motorcycle accident and the street was blocked!!  That didn’t stop us!! We parked at the corner store and were going to walk over when the police cars drove away, so we Finally got to Ice Cream Kids!

I felt restrained, somewhat.  I actually wanted one of those huge waffle cones but they don’t have them there…thank Goodness!  I settled for a medium combo of butter almond and key lime pie…

However…someone else did NOT restrain himself…

Yes, Boys and Girls…That’s Ralph with a banana split!!  He ate every bit of it too, except for the yummy walnut I snagged while he was talking to the owner, Bill.

So that’s how our day went.

I’ve got to get myself going.  I have a Big Salad to make for Father’s Day at Ele’s.  It will be fun! 

Happy Father’s Day to all of you wonderful Fathers out there.  Thank you for all that you do for your children!


2 responses to “Things Adults Can Do If They Want (PG Version)

  1. I hate to tell you this but they do have those big waffle cones. Little Michael has had them and I believe that you even took a picture of him eating it….just sayin’ !!!
    Sorry I missed the chance to go, I’ve been wanting a banan split but I don’t want to look like the orker that I am and order it! And, Mom would be proud of you. Many a night we had ice cream for dinner from Ice Cream Kids!

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