Happy Graduation and Navigating a Steakhouse

Friday was our grandson Alex’s high school graduation.  I wanted to try to accomplish something, too,  on the sorting, packing end of life and I worked sorting clothes in the basement.  I’m trying to get rid of things we don’t wear.  You never know how many clothes you have but don’t use until you see the pile and start going through it.  I worked for about an hour, but if I concentrate on doing something everyday, we’ll get through this.

Because of weather, we weren’t sure if we were attending the actual graduation or not. Clear weather, graduation outside, yes we were going.  Rain, graduation inside, not enough seats, not going.  Either way we were planning on dinner out afterwards.

Ralph and I needed to get something to eat because we knew dinner would be late.  We decided on Ralph’s old favorite In A Pickle.  I had my usual caprese salad, romaine, tomato and fresh mozzarella.

Hadn’t had it in a while and I enjoyed it!

The weather stayed clear and we were able to go to the graduation itself.  It was a packed house and we had to stand the whole time but amazingly the ceremony was over in about an hour and a half minutes.  That was pretty good with a class of over 400 students.

That’s Alex with the long stride heading to pick up his diploma. I did not plan for the Big Headed Man to be in my shot.  He was clueless that there might have been anyone else trying to take photos!! 😦

Alex heading back to his seat With his diploma!  Without the Big Headed Man! 🙂  Congratulations, Alex!!

The interesting bug on the back of the Big Headed Man.  If he hadn’t been so annoying, the Man not the bug, I would have told him it was there.  As it was, the bug was still there after the ceremony as he walked away!! 😉

Alex-in cap and gown with Dad Bill, Grandpop Ralph, Brother Patrick and Mom Heather.  We’re very proud of him for what he’s accomplished.  He even won an award of $500.00!! Very cool!

We then headed to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I wasn’t thrilled because of the whole “what does a vegetarian eat at a steakhouse” thing.  Plus they were VERY busy and we were told we had an hour wait.  It turned into about an hour and 20 minutes and by the time we got our food it was 9:45pm. 

Anyway, although I have no photo I asked for an entrée sized house salad.  It was actually quite good.  It had lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cheddar cheese and hard-boiled egg.  I had it with low-fat ranch dressing on the side and did the old dip the fork in the dressing routine.  It was quite good and I think from now on I’ll order that at a steakhouse rather than the Caesar salad.  More protein for me.

I was worried that eating so late and the effects of the whole week of being in Florida and then coming home would give me trouble when I got to Weight Watchers this morning.  Well, I did gain a pound.  That could be a result of eating late last night or possibly due to having been weighed on a scale in Florida last week and at home this week.  Possibly could have been all that potato salad in all the Greek salads I was eating.  Nevertheless, I think it wasn’t too bad under the circumstances.

I’m still 2 and a half pounds from my personal goal for WW.  I’ll work hard this week and see where it gets me.

Just got back from Verchio’s Produce and I’m now armed with plum tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, strawberries, cantaloupe and pineapple.  I’ve got a Big Salad to make for tomorrow.  We’re having dinner at Ele’s for Father’s Day.  Bill and the Boys should be coming.  That will be fun.

So now to get some work done around the old homestead.  If I do something EVERY day…we’ll be there in no time!!

Happy Saturday!! 🙂



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