A Dali Of A Day

Our adventure for Thursday was a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.  I’ve always been fascinated by his work and I honestly didn’t realize that the museum was there.  The link will give you more accurate information but the paintings there are all from one couple’s collection.  Amazing that one couple could amass such a collection.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the gallery itself but I did get some interesting shots in the general areas of the museum.

“The Rainy Rolls”

Some shots in the Garden

For Ele…some shots inside the Labyrinth.  I couldn’t get a shot from upstairs so this was the best I could do. 🙂

The amazing outside of the Museum!

The gardens outside of the entrance to the Museum.


A Portrait of the Artist as a Triangle…

We all had fun.  Alice and I enjoyed the Museum…Gail sat out by the water and read (she’s not a Dali fan)  But it was a unique experience.

I’ll have more later on our Thursday adventures.  We packed a lot into one day.

Happy Friday!!  🙂


6 responses to “A Dali Of A Day

  1. What great fun! Glad you are enjoying yourself.

  2. valerie andruss


  3. What a beautiful museum! I am a huge fan of Dali and if I ever make it to St. Petersburg I will definitely be checking out this gorgeous place!

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