Too Much Sun Can Hurt Your Brain

After our trip to Madeira Beach yesterday, we were headed to one of our favorite spots in the area…The Whistle Stop Grill in Safety Harbor.  It’s only about 15 minutes from where we’re staying so it’s very convenient.

We’ve been there a number of times before and we like it because they have live music several times a week. They’re open year round, in the winter they just roll the walls down!!

Gail and I like it because they have several vegetarian selections and will adjust others to fit our preferences.  The sun must have gotten me because I must confess, I took no photos of the food and Gail has been taunting me about it ever since! 😦

We both had the same thing…the portabella mushroom and roasted red pepper sandwich.  The mushrooms are marinated and grilled with the peppers, topped with goat cheese and served on a Ciabatta roll.  It was delicious! 🙂

I like this better than other portabella sandwiches I’ve had because the mushroom was sliced which made it easier to eat rather than just slapping the big old mushroom on a roll and then you have to struggle to keep it in the sandwich.  My choice of side was their black-eyed pea salad which is just the right amount of spicy for me.  I even dipped my bread in the juice it was so good. Yum…

We’ll be going back again and I’ll get photos the next time.  It was open mic night so the music was varied from several performers but still enjoyable. 

Not sure what’s on the agenda for Thursday.  But it’s always an adventure.  I’ll leave you with a few more bird pictures from our visit to Madeira Beach.

Off to see what the day holds in store…Happy Thursday!!


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