The Joy of Buoyancy

My friend Alice tells me that she has no trouble in the pool because she floats.  Whether she floats or not, she’s amazing and she’s taught me a lot about getting good exercise in the pool.

I love to swim, I’ve never been afraid of water and I think I’m pretty good at floating myself but she’s amazing… and loves to tell me that she floats!

This is Alice floating…

This is Gail floating…

There’s no photographic proof that I can float, but trust me I can.  I did ten laps of the pool yesterday and today plus 6  “walking laps”…

Alice did 50!!!

I’m a slacker I guess.  I’m impressed with what she accomplishes in spite of various health issues.  Most importantly, all three of us are having a good time and trying to keep our spirits up. 

We took a ride to Madeira Beach today.  I’d never been there before and I love a good ride even if we don’t really do anything.

On the way we stopped at Olga’s Restaurant in Clearwater.  It’s seems like a very popular place, it was packed. We were trying to stay on track with Weight Watchers.  Gail and I had the Egg Salad plate which gave us a scoop of egg salad, cole slaw and of course…potato salad.  Alice had the same except with chicken salad.  Again, I forgot a photo until I was half way through.

It was very good, especially the potato salad…Ralph would have loved it.

Speaking of potato salad, I couldn’t resist this next photo.

See…potato salad…in the Greek Salad…it really is a Florida Thing!  Now that I know how good their potato salad is…I’d order it here!

We did make it to Madeira Beach and it is loaded with tee-shirt shops!  Everywhere you look.  Instead of looking at them, Gail and I walked along the boardwalk, looking at the water and the birds.

My favorite shot…I was trying to get the heron and the pelican flew into the shot…Cool!! 🙂

Pelicans are Gail’s favorite bird here in Florida.  They decorate the whole condo, along with the artwork that Ralph has done for her.  Here’s a shot of her with a really Big Pelican!!

And here I am with that same Big Ole Pelican!!!

It was fun and I love to take rides and look at the homes and hotels along the way.

Tonight we’re going to one of our favorite places…The Whistle Stop Grill in Safety Harbor.  We’re looking forward to it because there’s live music and the food is really good.  I can’t wait.  See you all tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday!


2 responses to “The Joy of Buoyancy

  1. valerie andruss

    just for a second I read “… the pelicans desecrate the whole condo…” Completely different concept…

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