What a Buzzard of a Day!

How many Buzzards does it take to get our attention?  Five? Six?  I’m not sure how many there were, but for some reason there was a whole flock of buzzards in Gail’s yard yesterday.  She thinks she saw a dead squirrel there, but had no idea it would draw this crew!

These are NOT pretty birds, but they are interesting.  I think there were 6 of them total.  It sort of seemed like an Alfred Hitchcock movie!!

Gail and I went down to help Ele work on the Rummage Sale prep at the church.  Another church donated the leftovers from their rummage sale and we had loads of stuff to sort and display.  There was a huge amount of stuff, but we put a good dent in it.  We have a few more days to work on it and I think we’ll be ready for Saturday.  We’re excited that part of what we got were some racks that we can use for clothes and books.

Dinner was quick and easy.

Some of all the salad fixin’s I bought over the weekend and MorningStar Farms California Turk’y Burgers.

Very tasty with Locatelli cheese added.

I had stopped back at Gail’s after finishing at the church.  We’ve been trying to get a lot of fruit in.  It’s a big help that fruit is now 0 Points on Weight Watchers!  It’s a really healthy choice of snack and tasty.  But what I’m about to show you is amazing…

A strawberry, not quite As Big As My Head, but very close! 😉  It was delicious.  I ate this after a whole lot of watermelon!  Yum…love summer for the fruits and veggies!

A busy day ahead…I’ll be doing Rummage Sale duty again this afternoon.  Am I allowed to say that I’ve already found a few things that I “need?”  Well…it’s for the good of the church AND it’s not expensive AND the book will be helpful AND the insulated tote will work well for road trips AND the bowl is purple… 😉

Trying to use my time well.

Happy Wednesday!!


3 responses to “What a Buzzard of a Day!

  1. Your help is amazing and very much appreciated. I finished the last of the fruit salad from Sunday last night after working in the basement for hours. I’ve lost weight but I’m not sure if it’s because of the food I’m eating or the gallons of water I’m losing because of the heat and lack of A/C!

  2. I am going to try to make it to the rummage sale this weekend.

    And I love the idea of unlimited fruit 🙂

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