Taking Care of Business

While Gail and her brothers took care of the details to arrange the services for their Mom, Alice and I waited at the house for the Hospice company to pick up the equipment.  As they have always been, they were very efficient and just one man had all of it out of the house and loaded in his van in about 25 minutes.  I did door duty to help him get things out.

While we were waiting, Alice’s brother Joe came from the shore to visit Gail.  When he heard she and her brothers were handling things, he offered to take Alice and Me to lunch.

We headed somewhere I had never been but had heard a lot about.  The Riverwinds Restaurant.  It’s a very upscale restaurant just about a mile away.  It’s part of a huge complex with homes, condos a golf course and a huge recreation center. 

The entrance doors into the restaurant.   Pretty Impressive!

Funny thing is, Gail and her brothers were there having lunch between their appointments.  We had the chance to speak with them for a few minutes.  I don’t think the host appreciated that. 

I was woefully under dressed for the place (as was Alice) but I suppose my lack of fashion was less offensive than the fact that I dropped my water-glass and it BROKE!!  I was so embarrassed, but they just whisked us to a new table and we continued with our lunch.

There were not a lot of vegetarian choices so I went with my usual standby, Caesar Salad.

It was very tasty, especially since Joe didn’t want the asparagus that came with his lunch and shared it with me.  Their rolls were also delicious.  I’ll get another opportunity on Saturday to eat there because the luncheon after the services will be there.  Since Gail is also vegetarian, she’s made sure there will be something for us to eat that day beyond salad.

When we got back to Gail’s house, Alice and I set about putting things back in order, cleaning away some of the medical things that had been everywhere.  We wanted the house to look a little bit more back to normal.  We were cautious because we didn’t want Gail to think we were crossing any boundaries.  When she got home and saw it, she was very grateful and happy.  She said she has no boundaries when it comes to what we’ve done to help her.  That’s what friends are for.

Later, the three of us went shopping for Gail and Alice to get suits for the services.  I have one I can wear so I didn’t need to get one.  I just went for support.  I got to put my old costumer skills to use, toting and hanging things when necessary.  It was enjoyable in spite of the circumstances. 

Another busy day.  We’ll see what comes of it.


2 responses to “Taking Care of Business

  1. I’ve been to Riverwinds and the food is wonderful. A bit pricey but worth it. The service was excellent and the staff couldn’t do enough for you. As for the broken water glass…well, Daddy would be so proud!

  2. Riverwinds is a very nice place and right in your area 🙂 I went there with my brother. He sold them the piano you see when you enter the lobby 🙂

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