Ten Years In The Making!

Sounds like a Hollywood Blockbuster…but really it’s just LASAGNA!! 

I don’t think it’s really ten years, but Ele says it is and since it was for her birthday, we’ll go with what she says! 😉

Ele loves my vegetable lasagna and I appreciate that fact and I decided that this year she needed it for her birthday.  I also decided it was a surprise.  These photos have been burning a hole in my memory card since Friday.  But since Ele is a faithful BCDC reader, I couldn’t post them until after Sunday when she was presented with her gift! 😉

I have to confess that my “recipe” is kind of fly by the seat of your pants.  I’ve made it various ways and since it really has been quite a while since I made it, I was searching my memory banks for how I did it before.  Here are the basics.

2 10 ounce packages of Cremini mushrooms, lightly sauteed in olive oil

1 large onion, sauteed with 3 packages of frozen spinach-defrosted.  (This of course, is the “after” shot!)

One 32 ounce and one 8 ounce container of part skim Ricotta cheese.  I probably didn’t need the 8 oz. container, but I used it anyway.  I liberally added ground black pepper, dried parsley and dried basil and mixed it all together.  When Ralph saw the bowl of it, he offered to eat it that way.  I declined his offer! 😉

One of the things I dislike about making lasagna is cooking the noodles…big pot…hot, escaping noodles…burned fingers. 😦  My friend Alice had the solution…

Put your noodles in a dish or pan that will allow them to lay flat.  Pour boiling water from your tea kettle over them.  She told me (after I did it!) that it helps to cover it.  I didn’t do that but it was great!  I did need to periodically nudge the noodles apart with a knife, but it was a wonderful, easy method.  That really is the part I hate the most about making lasagna, so I may do it more often now! 😉

Assembly line!!

Ta Da!!  The finished product!  Lots of mozzarella on top and in the various layers, too.

It kept well in the fridge until Sunday.  I took it out about 2 hours before I cooked it so that it could reach room temperature.  I cooked it at 350 degrees for one hour.  Be cause it was refrigerated, and probably still cold, I probably should have cooked it longer because I don’t think it was warm enough.  If you were assembling it and baking it right away, that would probably be sufficient time (depending on how hot your oven is.)  If you put it in the fridge like I did, it probably could have cooked for another 20 minutes or so.

The first cuts…

Accompanied by, of course…The Big Salad!!

Everyone thought the lasagna was great!  Oh, yeah…Ele LOVED her surprise!

After dinner, Kristen stopped by to help us celebrate.  And where did we celebrate?   Ice Cream Kids!

Ice Cream Faces…

Kristen and Ele, the Birthday Girl!

Uncle Ralph and Little Michael!

When we got back to Ele’s house, I sent Kristen off with a big container of the lasagna.  Got a text message from her later…she pronounced it “delicious!”

Ralph and I headed home and I was on my way back to Gail’s house.  I decided that under the circumstances, the lasgana leftovers would be appreciated, so I put it all in smaller containers and headed over there.  Gail and Alice both tasted it and said it was great.  And Alice doesn’t even LIKE mushrooms.  It made me feel good to make something like that and to share it with everyone.

I have no idea how I should count it on Weight Watchers, I had no time to figure that out.  Guess I’ll have to make it again soon in order to do that.  😉

I always feel that a gift of food is a gift of love.  When there’s nothing you can do, you do what you can. 

Good Grief!  I think it’s raining again!  Out into the Deluge!

Happy Monday!


6 responses to “Ten Years In The Making!

  1. What a wonderful dinner! Thank you a million times. It was well worth waiting for. And, the after dinner fun at Ice Cream Kids was great, too. What a great birthday!

  2. Ahh Glad you had a great birthday dinner Ele, and yes you guys are great sisters to each other. That is beautiful…

  3. I love veggie lasagne but it is hard to get John to eat it. I think he would go for this version though. When I make it, to keep it lower in calories and carbs, I use zucchini sliced length-wise in thin strips instead of noodles. You can also use eggplant or other summer squash if you like it. I suppose you could even modify the recipe to use spaghetti squash for spaghetti pie 🙂

    • Ginny, I’ve never tried the zucchin or eggplant idea although I’ve heard about it. I don’t think Ralph would like it. I did use part skim ricotta and fat free mozzarella which I think helped to lower the calores.

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