Laugh And The World Laughs With You

Well at least Ralph will!  Sometimes… 😉

After a long rainy day doing various errands with Gail and Alice stepping in rain puddles and getting moldy feet ( just joking!)  I finally got home.  Ralph was not feeling terrific and asked for sandwiches for dinner.  Easy for me and if he was satisfied, that’s all that matters to me.

I decided on a stir fry for me.  I had some veggies in the fridge that were begging to be used or they would commit suicide in there.

I had asparagus that was really the worse for wear.  That’s one veggie that does not like to live in the fridge for too long.  Note to self.  Along with it I had garlic, of course, red and green bell pepper and frozen edamame.  I also had leftover bulgur from earlier in the week.  It is so tasty, I’m keeping that on my go-to list!  Next time I think I’ll try cooking it in veggie broth or adding some herbs.  Yum!

I added some veggie broth to this so that the frozen edamame would cook.  I added lots of ground black pepper and some dried basil.

Either I’ve been transported to San Francisco or this was a hot and steamy dish of deliciousness!! 😉

This was the real shot, topped with Locatelli cheese. 

Ralph didn’t say much while he was eating and I was eating and we were watching TMZ (oh…the Guilty Pleasure of it!!)

When I finished eating I said to him, “sometimes I cook something and it’s good.”  I then said “…and sometimes I make something that’s SO good!!!”  He got hysterical and I wasn’t sure why.  He told me, with the way I had started the sentence, he thought I was going to say that tonight’s dinner was NOT good.  It was delicious and I’m not actually sure why it was so good.  In any case it was delicious and filling (I keep saying that a lot lately, but that’s important!)

I only snacked on fruit later.  Good Job!

Just a reminder to all of you that I will be participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life on Friday, May 20. 

If you’d like to donate for someone you know who has experienced this, please go to my page to donate.  Every donation is appreciated and we all thank you for it.

After all of this rain, it looks like the sun is coming out.  Thank goodness, because I have to go grocery shopping and I hate to do that in the rain!

Happy Thursday! 🙂


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