Counter People

After getting my 45 minutes in on the bike Sunday morning, Ralph suggested we go to breakfast.  I suggested my new favorite place to go, The Gateway Diner.  As we found out last weekend, it can be very busy on Sunday mornings.  But there wasn’t a single person at the counter, so we sat there.

Problem with the counter, what do you do with your jacket when you take it off and your purse?  Well, luckily my jacket was short and I draped it over my knee.  My purse I had to put on the floor between my feet.  Not the best solution, but it worked!

Trying to be good, I ordered a broccoli and American cheese omelette with sliced tomatoes.  I was proud of myself because when the waitress brought it, the cook had put the home fries on it.  I told the waitress, she whisked it away and in less than a minute, I had a separate plate with sliced tomatoes and no home fries on my plate.  Interesting thing is, as I’ve been tightening up my food plan and eating more on track, I find that to be very filling.  I don’t think I could have eaten the potatoes.

With rye toast, no butter, it was very enjoyable.  The coffee there is good too.  It’s fun to sit at the counter sometimes.  All of the waitress talk to you as they go by.  There are days when that would be annoying but yesterday it was fun.

I was at Ele’s for a short while to look at some boxes she’d found in the basement.  She’s in the process of cleaning out too and wanted me to see if the boxes were things I wanted.  I made my determination and I was off to Gail’s house for the afternoon.

When I got home, Ralph asked if I’d like to go to Pat’s Pizza for dinner.  He waited to ask me that after I had changed into my comfy clothes.  😦  But Pat’s sounded like a good idea so I placed my order and he was off to pick up.

The BIG Garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette. 

I added the last of my crock pot black beans 😦  Locatelli cheese, Mrs. Dash, dried basil and lots of ground black pepper.  Very tasty.  The 2 little pieces of garlic bread that are included took the place of crackers for me.

It was very filling and I had a banana for a snack later.  I guess I am starting to like bananas a little bit more.  I think it helps that the ones I bought are small.  Just enough for a snack but not too much to remind me that I don’t like them very much. 😉

While I was at Gail’s we noticed that there was a deer in her neighbor’s yard.  We’re not sure how he (or she?) got in there but apparently couldn’t find his way out.  Finally he realized that if he went toward the front of the house, there was no fence and he could get out. 

I was able to snap this before his escape…

It’s not that clear but you can see his sweet face.  It’s always fun to watch all of the birds at Gail’s house and now we can add a new creature to our list.

I’ve got to add more steps today.  I only got up to 9600 yesterday.  We’ll see what we can do.  I have lots I want to accomplish today.  Let’s see how it goes.

Happy Monday!


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