The Big City

Friday flew by.  I did eat my overnight oats but halfway through the cold mixture, I couldn’t take it and had to microwave it.  I know the theory of them is that they’re eaten cold, but it was so much better warmed up.  It’s almost better than oats cooked from scratch in the microwave.  I made another batch on Friday night, forgetting that I wouldn’t be home to eat it on Saturday.  Hope it’s still ok today when I try it!

Saturday started with Weight Watchers.  I was happy to learn I lost 1 pound!!  🙂  I certainly tried all week.  Imagine what I might have accomplished if I’d had a weekend that was more on track!  Nevertheless, I was happy with my results and will do my best to keep on that same road this week. 🙂

After WW, Debbie, Kristen and I headed out on an adventure we had planned for a while.  Debbie works for Comcast in Philadelphia and wanted to show off her office and her City to us.  Our other friend, Pat was missing, but that just gives us an excuse to do it again! 😉

Hold on to your hats for LOTS of photos!

Flowers on the walk into the Comcast Building.

Art figures doing high wire acts in the lobby…Incredible!

The amazing, ever-changing screen behind the reception desk…I couldn’t capture all the changes…We could have sat there all day just staring at it!!

The Liberty Towers from the reception area on Debbie’s floor.

The Cira Centre, one of my Favorite buildings, from Debbie’s window!!!  I can’t believe she gets to look out of her window every day and see this…she can’t either! 😉

Debbie and Kristen

Debbie, Kristen and Me!

After a tour of Debbie’s floor to see the view from other angles and Emmys…yes…we saw Emmys in someone’s office!! Not sure if I’m allowed to show that photo, so I won’t… 😦

We went off to Marathon

It’s really a fun place.  Very urban feel and very pleasant staff.  The food was really interesting.  I can get omelettes and standard breakfast food anywhere.  I decided to have what I jokingly referred to as “hippie food!”

On the left is barley, chickpeas, roasted peppers and feta.  On the right is wheat berries, roasted mushrooms and braised cabbage.  They’re considered side dishes and are served room temperature.  They’re sort of salad-like.  They had very unique flavors and I really enjoyed them.  The coffee was excellent!

We all shared the yummy fruit plate.  I was amazed at how reasonably priced it was too.  When we make our next excursion into the city, I vote that we try Marathon again…there are several omelettes I would like to try along with several sandwiches and did I mention they have vegetarian chili?!?  Hmmm…wonder if I could talk Ralph into a trip into the city! 😉

When I got home, the afternoon included a trip to several Goodwill stores with Gail and Alice and a few treasures (only spent $5)  But I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. 

Not sure what Sunday will hold.  It’s dreary and drizzly.  I vote for tea and a book but I’m sure I’ll be out and about for something!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos from yesterday.  I love cities and skyscrapers.  Now when I see the Philadelphia sky line in the distance, I’ll feel like I have a closer relationship with this one…

Happy Sunday! 🙂


5 responses to “The Big City

  1. Well that sure explains the cost of cable! 🙂 Great outing; lovely building. What does Debbie do for Comcast?

  2. Sounds like you had fun! Turns out we did not go downtheshore because of the weather, but we went to lunch at Rode’s. Check out the Choices of the Heart Thrift Shop in WT. I brought donations and wound up buying 10 tops and a Jones New York 2-piece set.

  3. Such an awesome trek into the city! Marathon was wonderful; I definitely vote to take Pat there next time. 🙂

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