Recovery Day

After all of the fun, excitement and rich food on Saturday I crashed early and slept well.  However, I woke up feeling like I had a hangover! 😦  I think it was all of the rich food which I’m not used to.  I had a headache and my head was in a real fog.  Ralph and Ele said they felt the same way. In spite of lots of coffee throughout the day, it wasn’t until Sunday night that I started to feel like myself again.

In spite of my fog, I got up with a plan.  I know that I need to get myself back on track after my gain Saturday morning at Weight Watchers AND all of that food on Saturday.

My plan started with…

Black beans!!  Soaking and ready for the crock pot!  Just knowing I’ll have them to use all week  makes me feel back on track.  Got on my exercise bike for my 30 minutes, too!

Our plan was to take Ele to breakfast for Mother’s Day.  When she got home from church, we headed to The Gateway Diner.  We’ve had several good experiences there lately so I think that will be our diner of choice for the forseeable future.

I was very happy with my choice (Ele ordered it first… 😉  )  Spinach and feta cheese omelette with sliced tomatoes.

So yummy!! I like getting the omelettes with the sliced tomatoes so much that I don’t even miss the home fries.  I also had rye toast, no butter.  I’d rather have jelly with it…if only they had orange marmalade. 😦

Of course, Ralph drew a little something for our waitress…

So cute!

Happy Mother’s Day, Ele!!

Me and Ele!  Both of us visions in grey…guess we both got the memo! 😉

Ele and I went to Barnes & Noble later in the afternoon.  Just iced coffee for me with the sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup.  Very tasty.  I didn’t even buy any books!

Then I stopped at Gail’s to take her Mom a Mother’s Day card.

Unfortunately, I encountered this…

A creme donut that could probably be listed in the collection of things Bigger Than My Head!  I only ate half of it, but then…I ate half of it! 😦

Another reason for me to get my sorry self back on track.

Happily my black beans are crocking away in the crock pot.  Since I had another early morning (up at 4:30, beans in the crock pot by 5:00 and on the exercise bike by 5:10) the beans will be finished by about noon.  I also rode the bike for 45 minutes instead of 30.  I’m going to try to do that now.  I really need it this week and it wouldn’t be a bad idea on a regular basis.  I’m up, I might as well do it!

I’ve got to get my focus back and get on track.  I know I can do it.  I need to track all of my foods, which I confess I did not do this weekend.  (Confession is good for the soul, right? Not for the hips, but at least for the soul! 😉  )

Extra exercise, focus and beans!  Sounds like a game plan.  Off to see what the day holds…

Happy Monday!!


2 responses to “Recovery Day

  1. A wonderful day was had by all! Thanks for the great day.

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