Perfect Day!

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

We were fortunate to be invited to Heather and Brian’s Wedding! 

Ralph, Ele and I headed out earlier than necessary because we weren’t sure where we were going.  This is really rather comical because we were going to the Cherry Hill Mall.  It’s a big place, it’s hard to miss.  But the truth is, none of us has been there in several years and the land marks we remember to get us there have all changed!! 

We actually had to stop for directions.  We stopped at toy train store!?!?  As Ele and I waited, we joked that Ralph would come out with a toy train set!  When he walked out with a bag in his had we weren’t sure what to expect…

Let me introduce you to my little friend!!  Ele got one too, it looks a little different and his name is Charles.  Mine is named Dugal, but I’m not sure it fits him so I have to come up with a good name for him.  He could be my mascot.  Any name ideas??

We got to the restaurant in plenty of time.  Maggiano’s Little Italy.  I’d been hearing about this place for a long time and it was definitely worth the wait.

The room was very intimate, dark wood walls, low lighting (not very conducive to photos 😦  ) and it felt like we were in an old manor house somewhere.  So nice!

The Vows…thanks to Ralph for running up to get this shot!

Brian and Heather…two of my Favorite people!!

As Heather posted on Facebook this morning…”We Did It…Now Let’s Eat!!”

Food was served family style and I was initially concerned I’d have a problem with getting something I could eat.  Appetizers came first, but I forgot to take a photo.  I had bruschetta, really good, Caesar salad also delicious but a little too much dressing for me…I ate it though! 😉 and fried mozzarella.  This was so incredible.  It’s only appetizers and I’ve probably used my extra weekly Points until about August!!

My choice of the entrée was 4 cheese ravioli in pesto alfredo sauce.

It doesn’t look nearly as appealing as it actually was…it was SO good. They had wonderful bread too.  I ate 2 pieces I must confess, but I did eat it without butter.  I usually prefer to eat really good bread that way.

We had dessert before we had cake!!  Incredible!

There was a nice fruit plate, I had a slice of honeydew and a yummy strawberry.  And this crazy chocolate layer cake.  It was possibly one of the most chocolatey thing I’ve ever eaten.  There was more on the serving platter, but I restrained myself!

The cutting of the cake…

They behaved and didn’t make a mess!

My share of the cake!  It was a combo of chocolate chip and red velvet.  Since I hear so much about red velvet cake lately and I had never tasted it, I decided that would be my choice.  It didn’t taste like anything other than a really delicious moist cake. It was SO good.   It was pretty and the cream between the layers…they could have just given me a bowl of that and I would have been happy into next week!! 😉

Since little Michael likes when he makes guest appearances on BCDC…

Very happy with Grummy Ele and Aunt Betty and Uncle Jack in the background!

With Grummy and his great-grandmother, Mrs. Naomi Gross (Grandmom Gross!! ) 🙂

Doing SOMETHING evil to Grummy!

One of my favorites…Michael with future uncle, Evan.  Evan is 6’11” and Michael is …well…Michael-size!  Evan makes me feel tiny.  He’s a really cool guy!

I didn’t get any pictures of Ralph or Me… 😦  But we were there and we had a Wonderful Time!!

We’re off to have breakfast with Ele for Mother’s Day…and maybe another adventure this afternoon.

Wishing everyone a Very Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing Heather and Brian a wonderful Life together.  Knowing them, they will have a great time, they are just the best people~

Time for the Smooch-cam!!!

Happy Sunday!!


6 responses to “Perfect Day!

  1. The day could not have been more perfect. We both behaved ouselves in the food department. I even took the fruit instead of the cake. And while I never, ever, ever! try to get you to eat something, you on the other hand insisted that I try the chocolate cake. Just a bite but very good. I am realizing that I can no longer eat that rich food. Puts my system in an uproar!

    How lucky are we to have been invited to this wonderfulcouple’s big day.

  2. jim thackaberry

    I loved the posting. I am sure you Raplh and Ele had a terrific time once you found the restaurant. I am jealous that I could not be there. I will see you on Memorial Day weekend. Good luck on the Cancer fundraising walk on May 20th.

  3. Eeee! So gorgeous. They look ridiculously happy. (And Heather reminds me of Mama Pea sometimes, by the way.) Will they both be at the Relay? I am sure it will be another incredible time. That’s where I got to know everyone the first time.

    I got my dad a gift card to Maggiano’s, but they haven’t agreed to go yet. Maybe I’ll get them there for my birthday.

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