Cinco de Mayo

Thursday morning Ralph decided we needed to go out to breakfast.  We headed to what has started to be our favorite diner…The Gateway Diner in Westville.  The prices are much more reasonable than some of the other diners in the area, the servers are very pleasant and the food is Good!

I had a mushroom omelette.  I asked our server if I could have sliced tomatoes instead of the home fries and she was happy to oblige.

It was delicious!  When Ralph heard me ask for the tomatoes, he followed suit.  He’s been trying to watch his food choices a little more lately and I was happy to hear him order them too.  As we were eating, he said he’d never thought of ordering it that way before but it was a good idea!  I keep trying to keep him healthy and this is definitely a positive step! 🙂

I had a dentist appointment late in afternoon and it was a little confusing because my usual hygenist is out to have a baby!  In fact, yesterday was her due date.  There was no word yet, but I’m sure I’ll hear eventually.  I got to have Laurie clean my teeth.  It was fun because she is a member at my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturdays.  We talked a lot about WW…which is not easy when someone is cleaning your teeth!  It was fun to have a chance to get to know her a better.

When I got home I was hungry, but I had the nasty fluoride paste on my teeth from my appointment.  I hate that stuff and if feels like having cement on my teeth. It takes at least 3 brushings to get it all off. 😦

I decided on something simple…veggie burgers.

My favorite…MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Wal-Mart’s brand of sandwich rounds, Nature’s Own.  I had never tried them before but they are one of the few varieties that remain 2 Points on WW.

I topped them with pepper cheese…yum and reduced fat mayo.

Not fancy, but really delicious!!  The Walmart brand sandwich rounds were really good.  They were filling too.  I only snacked on some saltines later so I was proud of myself!

Today is Friday…I’ve made a little treat to take to Gail’s today.

I have lots of things to do today to get ready for the wedding tomorrow…I guess it would be nice if I bought a gift! 😉

Off to face the day…Happy Friday!!


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