Just When You Think You’ve Got This Thing Down…

I guess I have to apologize to all of you, and thank my friend Valerie in Kansas City for making me realize that yesterday’s post made no sense! 

As I was posting I kept having a weird thing happen…as I got to the end of a sentence, and went on to type the next one, it would type OVER the previous sentence.  I couldn’t figure out what was happening and I just continued and re-typed things.  I don’t know what the problem was, but half of my post was lost.  I guess from now on I’ll have to save a draft before I publish to be sure I don’t lose anything. Hrrumpphh… 😦

To answer Val’s comment, here is the stir fry in a bag…

For whatever reason, WordPress saved the photos but not the text.  Since I write as I type, I have no idea what I said.  I’ll be using it again and probably making basically the same thing, so stay tuned! 😉

Maybe I was censored because I made a comment about the death of Bin Laden.  I didn’t mention his name…I guess now my laptop will catch fire!! Anyway on that note,  God Bless our Troops and it’s a Great Day For America!

I did spend a lot of the day watching the TV coverage, trying to soak in everything and being in disbelief that I actually slept through it all and didn’t know anything until morning.

I started my day with Oat Bran.  I’m still not thrilled with the Hodgson Mill brand.

It’s too chewy and doesn’t have the smooth consistency I found in Mother’s brand or even the store brand variety.  I’ll eat it because it’s ok and I hate to waste things.  But I think from now on it’s store brand for me!

The day continued to be crazy…I spent some time at Gail’s then when Ele finished work I met her at the church to unload our cars of everything we’ve been collecting for the Rummage Sale on Saturday. We’ll be doing that for the next few days.

It’s amazing all of the things that are being donated.  We just need to get more customers now.  We could use more help on the project itself, but we’ll have to work on that.  The next sale is this coming Saturday, May 7.  Ele and I won’t be able to be there because we’ll be at a Wedding!!  Those details will be forthcoming!

Dinner needed to be quick and easy…my favorite kind!

Whole wheat pasta, canned diced tomatoes, garlic, Locatelli cheese and the last of my navy beans!

I cooked the pasta.  Meanwhile, I sautéed up the garlic then added the tomatoes and beans.  I added ground black pepper, dried basil and red pepper flakes.  Topped it all with the Cheese!!  Ta Da!!

It looks like an awful lot of cheese… it was 3 tablespoons, but that’s only 1 Point on Weight Watchers and I love it so…

It was very tasty and filling.  It kept me satisfied all night with no snacks.  What more can I ask? 😉

Not sure what today will hold.  I know I’ll be spending time at Gail’s and working at the church with Ele.  Time for some breakfast.  Since I haven’t been grocery shopping, I’m not sure what I have left…it will be an adventure!

Happy Tuesday!!


4 responses to “Just When You Think You’ve Got This Thing Down…

  1. Wow, I thought something was wrong with your post but my dy was going so badly and crazy that I figured it was me, not you!!! Your dinner looked great (except fot the whole wheat pasta part…I’ve always found that they taste about as good as the box they came in!) I lentils and macs with “stinky feet cheese”. So very yummy!

    I think it’s great to say “ding dong the witch is dead”. At least we had the decency to bury him at sea in accordance with Islamic law which is a hell of a lot more than he did for 3,000 Americans and numerous Muslims that he killed. But then again, that just shows that we truly are better than his kind of people! I’m old, I’m cranky and I can say what I want to!

  2. Yes, God Bless our troops… God be with them all and bring them home safe and the ones who didn’t make it home, they are home with the Lord. I thank them with all my heart for what they do. You know, when I heard we buried him out to sea because of his customs I thought damn he never did that to all the people he killed. Never cared how they were blown up …. But Ele you are so right. It does show that we are soooooo much better than that animal. It just makes me sick that is all he has in life is to hate and kill people. Good people. He told all his followers to die for his cause,,, but what does he do, he grabs a woman an puts her in front of him to shield him instead of following his own rules to die for what he believed in. What a looser … ahhh don’t get me started… ha ha I am just glad they finally found him and I hope that it can bring some peace to all the loved ones who lost people in the attack that was so uncalled for. OK enough…
    Have a great day….

    • You are so right about all of that. Sadly, I think there will still be people who doubt that he is dead because we haven’t seen the body, not that I want to. I hope it doesn’t cause people to retaliate. How are you feeling, Cutie?

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