Not a Busy Day…

…Turned into a Very busy day!

After Weight Watchers, I made several stops, sadly not getting any of the things I wanted. It’s very frustrating when a store has things advertised on sale and you have to go to 3 of their stores to get it! 😦 I went to two of them yesterday and I’m headed to the third today.  Makes me Crazy!!

Ralph and I had decided to go to lunch, but he still needed to shower.  Because he knows how to take his time about getting ready, I stopped over to Gail’s house to see how her Mom was doing.  Things were going ok so we made plans to go out for ice cream in the evening. 

When Ralph called to say he was ready, we headed off to Ruby Tuesday for lunch.  I always like going there because they have just about the best salad bar you can find, and you can go back as many times as you like!  Not that I can go back too many times… 😉

This was my salad…spinach, field greens, edamame, black beans and corn, black olives, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, sunflower seeds and lite balsamic vinaigrette.  It was so good!  I had it with my standby of seltzer with lime and coffee after.  I did have a very small second portion which I enjoyed as well.  I was quite full when I was finished.  It was very nice and since we were there late afternoon, it was not crowded and noisy.  Very nice! 🙂

I thought it would be good for Gail to have a chance to get out.  We made arrangements with her brother to stay with her Mom.  Gail, Alice, Ralph and I headed to The Ice Cream Kids!

This is a wonderful local place owned by a man named Bill who I’ve known since kindergarten.  We went all through grammar school and high school together.  We all hate him because he still looks exactly like he did in high school…it’s just not fair! 😉

It’s in a refurbished gas station and the walls are all painted with wonderful whimsical scenes.  It’s such a fun place to go.

The main attraction!

The color is a bit washed out, but my choices were key lime pie and butter almond (which Bill told me he ordered especially for me because I said I liked it!!)  So good!  This is the first year they’ve had the key lime pie, so believe me I’ll be back often!

Gail and Alice!

Ralph (with his Huge ice cream cone!) and Me!

As we left, we could see that there was the possibility of a lovely sunset, so we headed to the river to the Red Bank Battlefield Park.  This is a wonderful spot filled with history that we’ve enjoyed my whole life. 

Ralph and Me taken by a kind passer-by.

A beautiful finish to an unexpectedly fun day. 🙂

Sunday has arrived bright and sunny.  Off to see what the day holds!

Happy Sunday! 🙂


2 responses to “Not a Busy Day…

  1. the best part aboout Ice Cream Kids is that I can crawl there if I have to!!! And, they always have moose tracks!

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