The Last of the Salad Day

That’s exactly what Wednesday turned into!

After doing a few things around the house, Ralph asked me if I’d like him to take me to lunch.  Food, did you say food?!?  I said sure and we were off to Pat’s Pizza in National Park.

Lately, whenever Ralph offers food I try to steer him toward a place where I can get something that will keep me on track with Weight Watchers.  I’m really happy with the success I’ve had lately when it comes to staying at or below goal and I want to keep up that progress.

Pat’s has good salads, they’re reasonable, it’s not far and I had a coupon!!  🙂  $3.00 off of $15.00!  Excellent.  I made it simple for myself and just had their big Garden Salad.

I had it with their balsamic vinaigrette (I’m beginning to think that it runs through my veins!! 😉  ) lots of black pepper and some added parmesan cheese.  It was very good and kept me satisfied all afternoon.

After spending the afternoon at Gail’s, I got home knowing what would be in my future…Salad!

This time I didn’t forget the huge green bell pepper that I still had in the fridge!

I used up the last of my leftover salad… 😦  Now I actually have to make salad if I want it!

Added to it were the last of the cranberries 😦 , sunflower seeds and Locatelli cheese and  last of the Ken’s Lite Balsamic and Basil vinaigrette  :-(.  What I forgot were my navy beans, waiting patiently in the fridge. They’ll be waiting for me for tonight’s stir fry! 

 As it was, I actually had to dump the salad into a big plastic container because it was too big to mix in the plate I originally used.  When I make a salad, I make a SALAD!! 😉

It was delicious and kept me satisfied.  I did however (true confession…)

…finish off the last of my Easter candy 😦  I’m not sure if the sad face is because I ate it all or because it’s gone…probably a combo.  My theory has always been, if I eat it, it’s gone…I can work it off and it’s not there to taunt me anymore!!  I did not however, eat the Bunny!

I’m still reading and enjoying A Discovery of Witches.

It’s very well written and it really has me hooked.  It’s the kind of book I wish I was reading when I had a whole weekend to just sit and read.  I keep saying this, but I need to find a way to fit more reading time into my day.  I should really get on my exercise bike in the evening.  That would serve two purposes, I would get the extra exercise I need and I could read more.  I almost said “kill two birds with one stone.”  Not sure if that’s appropriate for a vegetarian to say. 😉  But remember, I’m not an annoying vegetarian!

So it’s Thursday…One day until the Royal Wedding!!  I’m beginning to feel like such a dork to be excited about this, because some people around me are saying it’s so lame.  I’ve watched all of them, not just Charles and Diana.  I love history and I love to see history in the making.  I can always remember where I was that day. 

Off to meet the day!  Happy Thursday! 🙂


3 responses to “The Last of the Salad Day

  1. You are not a dork. Why is dorky when you want to see something that’s happy? The world is so full of hatred, destruction and sadness. For a few hours we can all watch a fairy tale…just don’t tell us what happens after the “happily ever after” part!

  2. I love coupons! And salad!

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