Birds and Buried Treasure

Wednesday was another one of those days that I keep having lately.  I was working on a few projects around the house and then I headed over to Gail’s to offer what help I can.

When I got there, our friend Margot had another load of goodies for the Rummage Sale so I loaded them in the car and later met up with Ele to deposit them at the church.  Margot is excited about the  Rummage Sale because it’s encouraging her to sort through her collection of stuff.  She’s a big thrift shop shopper so she has loads of treasures to donate! 🙂

Gail is a big bird lover and has many bird feeders scattered around her yard.  She mentioned she’d seen some yellow birds that she’d never seen before.  They were wily, but I got a few shots…

Ele said she thought they were yellow finches.  Whatever they were, they were beautiful.  I’m hoping to get some better shots of them today, if they’re still around. 🙂

In my cleaning out process, I’ve found some interesting things.  The house I live in was my grandparents house.  I’ve lived here for about 20 years.  The refrigerator is a HUGE side by side that is really too big for the space it occupies, but it still works so I don’t complain.  Even when it sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night when the compressor turns on. 

We’ve often joked and speculated on how old it must be.  I’ve checked inside the doors to see if there might be some kind stamp to tell us.  Well, in cleaning out the cabinet…right above the fridge…I find this…

The owner’s manual to the fridge!  There, written in my Grandmother’s inimitable handwriting…

If you can’t see it, it says “Ordered 10-29-71/Rec’d 11-10-71.”

I had judged it to be about 40 years old and Ele thought that was about right.  It doesn’t matter, it’s just neat to have the question answered after all this time.  I should have thought that Gram would have been orderly enough to put the book right where she could find it, above the fridge.  As cluttered as her house became as she got older, she always knew where things were.

Another treasure I found in the same cabinet was this…

It is one of a set of four dessert dishes.  The glass is depression glass and comes apart from the metal base.  Ralph gave them to me a number of years ago for my birthday.  They are so pretty and delicate.  I had put them in the cabinet above the fridge and since it’s not easy to get into, I forgot they were there.  I’m so glad I found them again!  They’re just beautiful.  Now I guess I need to make something to serve in them! 😉

One last treasure and these are so cool I can’t believe I found them.  I remember them being in Gram’s house and using them from time to time.

They are GLASS straws!!  I can’t even imagine how old they might be.  I’m actually a little afraid to use them because they’re so delicate.  They are very cool and the next time I make a smoothie I won’t have to use a plastic green straw left over from Barnes & Noble in my antique glass!  😉

Thursday morning and I’m not sure what the day holds.  I know I’ll be spending some time at Gail’s this afternoon so we’ll see what else I can accomplish.

It’s Holy Thursday.  Years ago, when I was in high school, I used to be in the church choir and we would always do a program in the evening and then again on Good Friday.  That seems so long ago.

Happy Holy Thursday!


8 responses to “Birds and Buried Treasure

  1. I remember bringing King over to visit Gram and Pop and that darn dog would sit in front of the frig, put his paw on the door and look at Gram….of course, she would then go to the frig and pull out some tasty snack for him. Boy, did he ever have her trainted!

    You can make sugar free jello for the fancy shmancy dessert dishes. That way you could have a healthy snack in an extremely elegant dish!

  2. valerie andruss

    for Ele – that’s an American goldfinch. I remember them from our house in Audubon almost (gasp choke) 40 years ago (and then, of course, I Googled to be sure…)

  3. Patricia Quigley

    What a fun post. Looo
    vve the Depression glass.

  4. susanna elisabeth harrison bickings

    i remember my mommom & poppop having those straws! why they ever let 6 dirty little kids use them for country time lemonade in shiny, metal, colorful, brightly colored cups (i think they were supposed to be a match for fiestaware?) is beyond me, but they brought back memories!!!

    • Hey, Susie!! We used to have the aluminum cups and Gram and Pop’s, too! I just donated a set to Ele’s church rummage sale!. They’re not the ones we used to use. Don’t know what happened to them. Glad you found me!

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