Happy Birthday to Him!

Ralph really enjoyed his scones for his birthday breakfast!  I love it when I can make something that I know he’ll enjoy.  He was surprised and he loved it!

After feeding him, I headed off to Gail’s to deliver her batch of scones which were also warmly received.  I almost scared her to death.  I couldn’t find her, I knew she was in the house somewhere. I put the scones on the table and was about to leave when she came out of her Mom’s bedroom and we looked like the 2 cartoon characters that are sneaking around the corner and scare each other to death.  We both jumped…it was pretty funny.

Ralph needed to deliver something to his niece Penny who lives nearby.  When we got there she wanted to take us out to lunch for Ralph’s birthday so we went to the Metro Diner which is just down the street from her house.

Since it was Friday (Weight Watchers tomorrow!)  I wanted to be careful with my choice.  I chose their Florentine omelette and was able to substitute sliced tomatoes for the home fries.

It was tasty and filling.  I didn’t ask for no toast, but since the server didn’t bring any, I was happy.

I spent the afternoon at Gail’s and then at about 6pm, Ralph and I headed to Ele’s for dinner.  We were both happy to know that our nephew, little Michael would be joining us.  I had also gotten a text message from Kristen just before leaving and we invited her to join us.

Little Michael (in Uncle Ralph’s hat!) and The Birthday Boy.

We were ordering dinner from Picasso’s so Kristen and I decided to be good.  We passed on the pizza that the others were having and settled on the large garden salad with balsamic vinegar and oil.  I forgot to take a shot of it, but we both thought it was delicious and filling. 

Unfortunately, Ele snagged us with her wonderful brownies…

So good…and definitely worth it!

Little Michael hard at work drawing…

Kristen, Ralph, Ele and Little Michael

Kristen, Ralph, Me and Ele taken by Little Michael who at 8 years old is becoming a wonderful photographer!  We had a wonderful evening!

Saturday showed up cold, damp and dreary.  Weather reports say that a really bad wind and rain storm is coming later today. Not looking forward to that! 😦

However, good news at Weight Watchers.. I lost a half pound!! 🙂  I was really happy and not at all sure how I would do, so it was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

So as my reward for NOT eating any yesterday and to celebrate my success this morning…this is in my future…

A Scone of My Own!

I’m going to go enjoy it…Happy Saturday!


4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Him!

  1. We had a wonderful time last night, too. Michael says thank you for putting him in your blog! And what a nice surprise to have Kristen with us.

    Congrats on your loss at WW!

  2. I can’t say how much I love the picture of the two of them. Two of my favorite men together. I need this picture for my desk!!!

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