Thursday Morphed to Friday

Thursday started with me over sleeping…yes, I slept until 7am!  Don’t know if that counts as over sleeping, but for me it felt like it.

I knew I had to be at Gail’s at 2pm so I ran some errands first and then came home to what I guess I would call brunch.  However, if I was actually making brunch, it would be a little more lavish than this.

My wonderful combo of Chobani plain, unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon  and Fiber One.  It held me over very well.  Which was important because I didn’t get back home from Gail’s until 7:30pm.  I did have some popcorn while I was there, but that was it.

Once again, tired and uninspired equals quick and easy.

Romaine, red bell pepper, chick peas (almost gone), sunflower seeds, Morningstar Farms Chick’n grillers, and Ken’s Lite Balsamic and Basil vinaigrette. Very tasty, but I used the last of my Romaine which made for a slightly wimpy salad (compared to my usual ones!!)  😦 I need to get to the produce stand SOON!

Today is Ralph’s birthday!! 🙂  I always thanked his Mom on his birthday because I told her that was the day that I got a present.  She’s not with us any longer but nevertheless…Thank You Granny Gray for my wonderful gift! 🙂

Ralph’s birthday required something special…SCONES!!  Cranberry, that is…

The finished product!!  Still loving my Silpat!!  😉

I made a second batch to take to Gail’s for a treat.

Now I’m off to wake up the Birthday Boy and have an overall VERY busy day which then will turn into an equally busy weekend! 

All this activity seems to be keeping me on track with my food so I’m looking forward to a good result when I head to Weight Watchers tomorrow morning.



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