Rain, You’re a Pain!

Tuesday was rainy and dreary on and off, but I had errands, so I went into the deluge.

My first stop was the local Walmart, how exciting!

I go there mainly to get MorningStar Farms products.  They’re so much more reasonable here than at the other local grocery stores.  Their selection is usually better as well.  They were out of a lot of the varieties yesterday, but I was able to get a few. 

It probably sounds silly, but I like to go there because it reminds me of being in New Mexico.  Silver City has a Super Walmart and we’ve shopped there just about every time we’ve spent any time there.  While I’m walking around, I can pretend I’m there.  I know… silly but it makes me smile.

On the way to the check out, I saw a huge display of something I didn’t need to know existed…

Lemon TastyKake Krimpets!  For those of you not from the Philadelphia area, TastyKake is an old, old baking company and a true staple of this area.  Fortunately, they were just saved from closing by being purchased by another company which has stated they will keep the company in tact. 

Krimpets are usually sponge cake with butterscotch frosting or jelly filled with no frosting.   This time they have been filled with lemon…I didn’t need to know about these.  I’m trying so hard to be on track.  It’s painful to think about them.  I’ll do my best.  I blame Walmart! 😦

I’ve been saving a few of the things I got at the last rummage sale to share here.

The colors don’t show so well here but it’s pale green and light purple.  I think it’s a jam pot or it could be a sugar bowl.  Not sure what I’ll use it for but I couldn’t pass it up!

Something else I couldn’t pass up…

Yes, Kids, it really is a cabbage teapot!  I tried to pass it up, I truly did…it was impossible.  My excuse is that my kitchen in NM is green.  Do I need any other excuse?!? 😉  I don’t think so!

I also found a wonderful little treasure in one of the cabinets I was cleaning out over the weekend.

A wonderful little bowl with a beautiful Oriental design.  It must have been Gram’s and it just stayed in the cabinet.  It is so pretty.  It needs to stay with me.  I feel I’ve been very good about being unsentimental in going through what I need to get rid of.  Some things I just have to keep. 

So Wednesday, and it will probably be busy again.  We’ll see what comes of it.  Still pretty rainy out there, hopefully it won’t last all day.

Make the most of your day.  Happy Wednesday!


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