Did Someone Kidnap Spring?!?

Monday was a beautiful day, but way too hot too soon for my liking!

I was however able to find something in the day to smile about.

Most of these shots caught on the fly as evidenced by my side view mirror.  It’s not easy to take photos while driving and I shouldn’t have done it, but…I wanted the shots!   I promise I won’t do that very often. 😉

Spent all day at Gail’s helping.  She had a doctor’s appointment, so I was there to cover while she was gone.

Got home late, hungry and unenthused.  A salad seemed my best bet.

MorningStar Farms Mushroom Lover’s burger, Romaine, red bell pepper, the last of the grape tomatoes, almost the last of the garbanzo beans and sunflower seeds.

Dressed with Ken’s Balsamic & Basil Vinaigrette and nutritional yeast for cheesiness.

I’m still not sure what I think of nutritional yeast.  Maybe I need to use it IN a recipe to get the full effect.  I also need to check the nutritional info so that I can see what the Weight Watchers point value would be.  It was a tasty dinner nevertheless!  🙂  I snacked on some fruit later and that was it for the night.

Tuesday is going to be a busy day.  I have errands to run, laundry to do and I have to be back at Gail’s house late this afternoon to cover.  Gail needs a night out and she’s going to her good friend Margo’s retirement party.  I’m really glad she’s getting a chance to get out.  I know she’ll have a good time!

So I’d better get my sneakers on ’cause I’ll be running today! 

Happy Tuesday!


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