Saturday~Out and About

After finding out that there was a book sale at the Gloucester County Library, I got in touch with sister Ele and told her it wouldn’t be fun but we had to go!   😉  It’s a joke between us…we knew it would be fun!

This is what it looks like at the book sale…

It’s a Wondrous place!!  In the warmer weather, they have this room full, plus a tent outside!  The next one is July 16 & 17.  The tent will probably be up for that one.  Wonder if we’ll still be in New Jersey?  We’ll see!

These are my found treasures…

I seem to always read quirky books, but ones that I find interesting.  These look like they’ll fill the bill.  I also bought a book for Ralph, Charleton Heston’s autobiography.  He was Thrilled!  I was proud of my restraint…all those books and I only bought 4!  I actually put some back that I had picked up! 😉

Since we were in Mullica Hill, we decided to make a stop at the Amish Farmers Market.  We always have fun there.  I had wanted to go there, but decided to save the gas.  But then…the book sale happened and it became a productive trip.

This time, I got 2 of the Coco Cakes (since I know I love them and they’re only 1 point on Weight Watchers for 2 of them!), roasted, unsalted  sunflower seeds and bulgur wheat.  I’ve never tried to cook bulgur wheat, but I see it in a lot of recipes so I think I’ll give it a try.  The prices for this type of thing are so reasonable there.  I wanted couscous but the didn’t have any. 😦  I need to find someplace around here that sells bulk grains.

I spent the afternoon at Gail’s house helping.  Ralph and I had decided in the morning that we wanted to go out to dinner.  When I got home, we didn’t really know where we wanted to go.  He suggested Chinese…I suggested…

Sakana Oriental in Woodbury.

This restaurant is the site of our Christmas reenactment of “The Christmas Story” turkey dinner.  We don’t usually go there at other times, I’m not sure why.  So glad we did this time.

I started with their Hot and Sour soup.  I can’t usually order that because it usually has pork in it.  Here, they proudly list it on the menu as being vegetarian! 🙂 It is spicy and wonderful.  I need to find a recipe for it.  If I do, the whole pot will be for me because Ralph doesn’t like things too spicy.

For my entrée, I ordered Tofu Family Style with brown rice.  I think it was meant for a family…

…it was HUGE and loaded with tofu.  So many times when I order something like this, there are only about 4 pieces of tofu…this probably had a pound of it!  It was delicious and I had to bring half of it home.  Ralph had leftovers as well.

One of the things I love at this restaurant is their ginger ice cream.  I notice on the menu that they had green tea ice cream.  I asked our server if it was as good as the ginger.  He said good, but not as good as the ginger.  He then offered to give me half of each which I thought was very nice of him.  That way I could try it.

The green tea was yummy…but hard to say what it tasted like.  The ginger is still my favorite, but I might try the half and half again.

Ralph and I rolled home and sort of crashed with all that food inside of us.  One good thing, I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner!

Off to a busy day…Happy Sunday! 🙂


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