Green Light Kind of Day

Saturday dawned grey and cloudy but with the promise of some sunshine later in the day.  I headed to Weight Watchers and somehow, EVERY light was Green!! 🙂 I was excited because I was running a few minutes late. 

I got to WW and… I lost half a pound!!  Under goal and Free again!  I’m too excited.  I had another week where I had difficulty getting myself to write in my WW journal.  I tried all week to get back on track with it, but I still had trouble.  Today starts a new week and I will do better!! How’s that for determination?!?  😉

Friday night Ralph and I braved the pouring rain and endless construction on Rte. 295 to travel to Mount Laurel to visit Prospector’s Steakhouse and Saloon.  (Another steak house!)

We were there to meet my closest friends from my former job.  It was a get together for my friend Lavonda’s birthday.

I was very much looking forward to this because I miss these ladies very much and hadn’t seen them since January. 

Lavonda and Shelli!

Lavonda, Me, Shelli and Brenda!

Ralph with the Girls!

Debbie and Joe!

Ralph and Me!!  Too cute for publication?? 😉

Of course the question was raised yet again…What does a Vegetarian eat at a steak house??   This time the answer was much easier.  Prospector’s has a 28 foot long salad bar!  Didn’t do any photos, but I was able to have a great big salad.  And I resisted the rolls that everyone said were amazing.  We brought some home so I’ll get to sample them today. 😉

It was a wonderful evening!  We sat and talked and laughed, just like old times.  It was a great evening.  In spite of the still terrible weather, we got home safely.  It was well worth the effort to get there.  You can’t put a price on real friendship.  Glad I got to see my girls!

Just found out there is a book sale at the Gloucester County Library today.  I think there might be a trip to the library in today’s plans! 😉

I’m always up for a library book sale!! Happy Saturday!


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