“It Was A Drive By Fruiting” ***

***Anyone who can guess the movie the quote comes from,  gets a hug…Ele is not allowed to play because it’s a family joke and she knows the answer! 😉  Anyway, she get’s hugs all the time and doesn’t have to win a contest to get one!

So Fruit…

Yesterday, I decided to get to work on all of that fruit I bought at the end of last week.  Started with the pineapple.

I’m getting good at pineaple…maybe I won’t have to buy that gadget after all.  I’ll save my money for a different gadget! 😉

The lovely honeydew…

The dreaded mango… 😦

I had been warned it wasn’t easy to handle.  That was an understatement!  It was slippery and impossible and please dear readers, enjoy these photos because I do believe it will be the last mango you see on BCDC.  I think I can get it frozen…if I’m ever inclined to eat a mango again, it will enter my house in the frozen state!

Especially when you consider this…

Honeydew…Pineapple…Mango…where do you think I got the better deal for my efforts?!  NOT the mango, that’s for sure. 

I did all of this in order to keep myself on track for Weight Watcher and I like to make sure my efforts are to my benefit.  I realized that I’ve been getting a little off track.  I started my day (after the fruiting) with Chobani with Honey and Fiber One

…and tracking my foods.  Journaling for WW has always been my saving grace.  With life being hectic at the moment, I haven’t been as good at journaling.  I’m forcing myself to get back to it.  It is the backbone of the program and I believe it is the greatest tool for WW.  It’s hard to convince some members of that.  But trust me…it works!! 🙂 (Sounds like I’m trying to get my old job back!)

For dinner, this collection of goodies turned into…

…this steaming bowl of yumminess.  For a flavor change, I added some balsamic vinegar while the veggies were cooking.  Since I was out of cheese, I added some nutritional yeast that I got last week at Natural Harvest Market.  It was very good. I keep hearing that you can use the nutritional yeast as a replacement for cheese.  I’m not totally sure I could taste it, but I think there was a hint of cheesiness.  I only used 1 tablespoon but it seemed like a lot.  I’ll keep trying it to see how it works.  Stay tuned for more info!  🙂

To prove that all of that fruiting was worth it…

…a wonderful, delicious, free (on WW!) snack!!  It was so good and made the effort worth it. I’m just not so sure about that mango…  😉

We’ll see what today holds…Happy Thursday!!


5 responses to ““It Was A Drive By Fruiting” ***

  1. I have never met a fruit that I didn’t like! I remember the summer after Mary passed that we were going to all sorts of events where we were expected to bring something. I made fruit salad and chocolate chip cookies each time. And, each time I got to the event they kept saying….did you bring the fruit salad? Where are the chocolate chip cookies? I love fruit salad!

  2. valerie andruss

    no hug for me! I have no idea what that quote’s from 🙂

    • I’ll save one for you anyway! It was from “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Robin Williams (as Mrs. D) throws a piece of fruit at Pierce Brosnan when he’s not looking. When he turns around and asks her (him) who did it, She (he) says, “It was a drive by fruiting!” I love it. We use it all the time. We’re weird, but then, you know that!! 😉

  3. EEEEEEE! I love that quote. Nay. I love every quote from that movie. I was so excited to post it, but I was late catching up on the blog.

    If you want to attempt a mango again and save yourself $13, we can cut it up together. I remember last summer while I was making popsicles, attempting to cut up my very first one. I literally ended my efforts by grabbing at whatever pieces remained and squeezing as hard as I could to gather whatever mango … pulp was still around. I was covered in juice up to my elbows. It was awesome.

    But now, it’s a piece of cake! It’s just a matter of knowing where the first slice should go.

    After saying all that though, a friend of mine got me really into frozen mango chunks this week. She said she eats a bag a day. We snacked on them frozen (like little popsicles) when it was nice outside. I ate a bag today, too! Whoops. Haha. See you tomorrow!

    • I would love a tutorial…maybe we could do a video together and both post it!! I don’t have a video camera though 😦 I want one of those Flip cameras…but I think I want my real camera first. Oh well, something to think about! Next shopping trip I think I’ll go for some frozen Mangoes!!

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