A Big Day!

I never thought I’d see the day…this is my one hundredth post on BCDC!! I’m so Excited…can’t you tell by the look on my face?!?!

Yes, sadly that’s how I look in the morning these days…I really should consider fixing up and doing some makeup before I start to post in case the spirit moves me and I’m inclined to take a photo of myself.   You know what, that’s what I look like and I’ve tried to be as honest as possible in these 100 posts so why stop now.  In truth, I guess I don’t look TOO bad all things considered.   I will work on a nice shot for the future!  😉

I truly am pleased though.  I wasn’t sure I’d stick with this, but it’s become such a natural and fun part of my life that I can’t think of NOT doing it now.  I’m getting better at it, getting a little better at the photos (which will improve with a different camera) and Ralph at least doesn’t make fun of me at home when I take food photos.  😉 Out of the house, yes, but at home, he just smiles at me.  I like it when he smiles at me…

So, I really think I have this “beans in a crock pot” thing down.  It seems like 7 hours on high is just right for my particular crock pot.  I was at my friend Gail’s house and came back for a few minutes at the 7 hour point.  The result…

…a whole LOT of garbanzo beans!  I was excited when I tested one and it was just perfect…cooked just like the ones from the can.  Less expensive and I didn’t have to wash off any salty water from them!

I used them for dinner last night.  No photos but with my busy day, I made one of my salads, Romaine, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, MorningStar Farms  Chik’n Grillers and the Ken’s Lite Balsamic and Basil Vinaigrette.  Added to it was a cup of my wonderful garbanzo beans. 

The whole thing was delicious, easy and filling.  The garbanzos tasted so good in the salad especially with the vinaigrette.  When I was working, I used to marinate the canned ones in balsamic and add basil and garlic powder.  I would then put them over my salad and there was my protein and my fat-free dressing all in one.  I may try that with some of these.

I wanted to share some of the treasures I got from the rummage sale on Saturday.

You can’t tell very well from this photo but I got:

A Pampered Chef Flan Pan Set

A Pampered Chef 13″ Baking Stone (for Pizza!!)

Nella Cucina by Mary Ann Esposito

I’m so excited about all of these things.  I’ve always loved Mary Ann Esposito’s PBS show and now I have her cookbook.  I’m looking forward to using the baking stone.  Ele tells me it is just the best thing for pizza, even frozen pizza turns out better with it.  The flan pans…not sure what I’ll do with them but I’ll come up with something.

The best part…I paid a total of $5.oo for all of them!  None of them could have been purchased for $5.00!!  I have a few more treasures to share, but I’ll get to them eventually.

So here it is Tuesday.  It started with a terrible rain storm at about 6am.  It’s mearly dreary out now.  Rather warm but overcast.  I need to run some errands today, we’ll see what comes of them.  I suppose I should celebrate my 100th…maybe buy myself a balloon or something.  You never know what could happen.  😉

As a friend of mine from college always says on Facebook.  “Something good is going to happen to you today!”  I’m so grateful to Facebook for getting me in touch with so many people who matter to me…but that’s a story for another post…maybe number 200. 

Happy Tuesday!  Happy 100!! 🙂  🙂  🙂


5 responses to “A Big Day!

  1. Look at you ! My sister the writer! I knew you could do it. I’m so proud of you!! And…I covet your garbanzo beans!

  2. valerie andruss

    Fran of 100 days….
    And what are you going to use the flan pans for??

  3. Congrats Book Snark. Way to go!

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