Sunday On the Run

I did my best to be on track yesterday.  I started with my wonderful combo of Chobani and Fiber One.

I used the vanilla flavor and added cinnamon(!) of course!

It’s only a half cup of Fiber One, but the combo is so filling…and I get 16g of protein from the Chobani and 2 from the Fiber one,  all for only 5 points on Weight Watchers, so it’s a pretty good deal. 🙂

Ele and I snuck off to Barnes and Noble for a quick coffee. I got my non fat, sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte.  I’m not spending 6 points on a frappuchino!  2 points is good.   The cafe was packed!   We settled in front of the magazine racks and I ended up getting sucked into buying the new issue of VegNews.

I still can’t believe that this magazine has been around for years and I’ve only just discovered it.  I really enjoy it though, lots of thought-provoking articles and loads of information!

I spent the afternoon at Gail’s house helping with her Mom.  Even though it’s for a sad reason, I’m enjoying spending so much time with her.  Also glad I can be of help.

Dinner was quick and easy…I was starving!

Salad wit Romaine, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes and MorningStar Farms Grillers California Turk’y burgers. Only 2 points each and very yummy!

Topped with Ken’s Lite Balsamic and Basil Vinaigrette.  I found this recently and thought I’d give it a try.  It’s very tasty and low in points. (I think 1 point per serving…have to recheck.)  Very yummy and satisfying.

Got up early this morning and got my garbanzo beans into the crock pot!

I can smell them cooking as I type!  It will be great to have that supply for the week to keep me going.  It’s such a great idea and I’m so glad I discovered I could cook my beans that way.  I need to stock up on more beans this week since the garbanzos were my last bag.  I’ll see if I can find something different to try!

So now I’m off to Gail’s to help for a few hours.  I’ll have to come back at some point to turn off the beans and drain them (not a responsiblity that I would ask Ralph to tackle…I burn myself often enough doing it, don’t want it to happen to him!) 

It’s semi-sunny out at the moment.  Not sure what the weather will hold today.  Not sure what the day in general will hold.  Nevertheless…Happy Monday! 🙂


8 responses to “Sunday On the Run

  1. So, having been chastised for not posting, here goes! I love garbano beans but I have never made them from dried. I will have to post the soup that I make with them that you like so much. What I like is that with only one substitution I can make it vegetarian for you!

    Now here is a very touchy comment. Since I have recently started eating more fish because it is so darn yummy…what do I do with the thought that so much comes from the Japanese fishing fleet? The waters around Japan are being seriously poluted by the radioactive water from the nuclear plants. I have about as much faith in the truth coming from the Japanese atomic energy commission as I do from ours…which is a big fat zero! So, do I stop eating fish now? What’s left for me? I’ve cut back on red meat. Now, I’ve never met a bean that I didn’t like but , truth be told, when will the nuclear cloud reach the US and then our bean supply will be poluted? Guess I work with the Emergency Management Co-ordinator too much! Anyway…just some thoughts! ( that’ll teach you, Miss Fran!)

  2. All those meals look great! I love those morningstar burgers. And so true that chobani + fiber one is filling.

    • Thanks, Tina! I love the burgers too. Just wish they weren’t so darned expensive! Thank goodness for Walmart, they’re at least $1.00 cheaper than the other stores around here and usually have a better selection, too.

  3. you sent me an email with a sad face and said that I didn’t say anything…wasn’t that about not postin? /: (

  4. I feel like the grandfather in Moonstruck!

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