The Circle Widens…

Ralph and I went to a Beef and Beer last night.  It was for the granddaughter of a man from the police department where Ralph used to work.  She has leukemia and she’s only 8 years old.  From what her granddad told me last night she’s had the transplant (from her sister) and is improving every day.  That’s so great to hear and they raised a LOT of money last night.

It was a great deal of fun because Ralph got to see so many of the officers and detectives who he worked with.  It was such a great time.  Some of them we see a few times a year, but we saw some who we hadn’t seen in a long time.  Ralph was happy needless to say.

This is a nice shot by my friend Tina.  I didn’t take any photos, because I would have been tempted to take food shots and Ralph would have given me “the Look!” 😉

So this all begs the on going question…”What does a vegetarian eat at a Beef and Beer?”  I wasn’t sure when I got there.  I got in line and passed by the roast beef and came to a tray laden with stuffed shells that looked very good and a huge tray of green beans.  I said “no thank you” to the beef and proceeded to the shells and beans.  As the young lady put a stuffed shell on my plate I said, “I’m a vegetarian, could I have an extra shell since I won’t be eating any meat?” She smiled at me and gave me a second.  She then proceeded to fill the rest of my plate with the bright green beans.  She said, “I’m vegetarian, too, I know these things can be hard for us!”  I thanked her and I thought it was very sweet of her to be so considerate.  As I mentioned…I feel the circle widening.  The food was very tasty, by the way.

It’s a beautiful sunny day today!  It’s still pretty cool out.  I haven’t heard the forecast, but it looks like it will warm up as the day goes on.

I’m anticipating a busy week ahead.  I decided this morning I should try to prepare for that. So…

I dug around in the pantry (where I was SURE I had lots of beans…) and all I came up with was a bag of garbanzo beans!  Not to worry, they’re one of my favorites, so all will be well.

I put those babies in to soak.  They are destined for the crock pot tomorrow.  I haven’t tried chick peas in the crock pot before, so I’ll have to keep an eye on them to see how they do. The only sad thing will be that I know I’ll be dreaming about making hummus from them once they’re done.  Not possible at the moment, since my hummus making equipment is still packed in its box and won’t likely be unpacked until we’re in New Mexico.  I guess I just need to keep collecting all of the recipes I see and have a hummus extravaganza when I get there!

So it’s time to get the day started.  Not sure yet what I’ll be up to.  It’s sunny out, so that can only help!  Happy Sunday!


6 responses to “The Circle Widens…

  1. I bought canned garbanzo on my monthly trip o Acme. Ilove them! So good in soups and salads. Yummy!

    Very nice picture of you and Ralph!

  2. valerie andruss

    Ele is right – great picture (mostly due to the wonderful smiles). BTW – I seem to be eating a lot more vegetarian since you started the blog. Went to the best burger restaurant in KC to day and ordered the black bean!

    • Very cool! I’m just trying to make you healthy so I can keep you around for a VERY long time! Now that you’re getting into veggie, you should try Moe’s tofu rice bowl. Is the Moe’s still in KC? Very yummy! I get it with the black beans. It’s so good! But it counts for 19 points so I don’t do it very often. It is worth the points though! I missed your show yesterday 😦 Didn’t get to hear you be fumble lipped! Take care!

  3. That is such a great picture of you both… 🙂 Very cute…

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