Busy Day

Up and out early for Weight Watchers.   Lucky me…I lost 1 pound at WW today!  I was very excited. 🙂  I thought I had a good week, my major transgression was I did not use my journal as much as I should and that is sometimes  my downfall if I let that happen.  Luckily, not so today! 🙂

This was the day for our WW breakfast group get together.  This time we went to Blue Plate  in Mullica Hill.  We had a great time.  I was happy with my food choices…

…scrambled eggs, fruit and some of the tastiest rye bread I’ve had in a long time.  Of course, a great quantity of coffee was consumed!

Debbie, Pat (just realized she looks like she’s napping! Photographer error) and Kristen.

The whole group, photo courtesy of our friendly server!

We talked and talked and may have disturbed some fellow guests with our enthusiasm.  If so, we apologize! 😉

After breakfast I headed to the monthly rummage sale at my sister Ele’s church.  They were doing a booming business.  I realized I never took any photos of the sale last time to show how well stocked and well-organized it is.

We have a wonderful large space and we’ve been lucky that so many kind people are donating.  That’s Susan and Ele…the angels of the rummage sale.

Here they are ready for their closeups!  We’ve had such a good time working on this.  I keep saying “we.”  I’m not even a member of the church but there has been talk that they might make me an honorary Methodist if I’m not careful!  It makes me feel good helping.  It’s also helping me clear out my house and feel like what I clear out is going to a good cause.

I was there when they closed for the day and we did VERY well today.  We keep working on good ideas for making more money and doing more publicity to get the word out.  We’ll work on that for next month!

So my busy day is not over.  Ralph and I have to go to a “beef and beer” tonight.  I have to go get ready.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’s something for the vegetarian to eat.  Maybe I should grab that bag of baby carrots in the fridge and stuff it in my purse just in case! 😉

We’ll see what happens.  Enjoy your evening! 🙂


10 responses to “Busy Day

  1. There will be something at the B&B for vegetarians — beer! 🙂 Can you send me the group pix?

  2. Believe me, we couldn’t have done anything withou your help! You are the best sister ever! I keep saying that because it’s true!!!

  3. Hehehehehe. We do not apologize! We know they were just a little bit jealous. :-p Next time, we’ll invite the adjacent tables to join in on the fun.

  4. Fran, you and Ele look so young in pictures.. That is wonderful.
    I am wondering if weight watchers has anything (information) about on people taking meds. I am taking and will have to take for the next 5 years Tamoxifin ( other meds too). The Tamoxifin blocks the estrogen (since my cancer fed on estrogen), and when I have surgery that will take out all parts that products estrogen. I haven’t lost a pound in about 5 weeks. I have been staying within my points and logging. (sometimes I add up if I am not sure how many points). Does weight watchers have any information, maybe I should be using less points for example, any information like that?

    • Thank you, Swettie. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I can try to find out for you. I can ask my leader on Saturday. I know that there are certain drugs which make it a little harder for members to lose, I remember that from when I was still leading classes. If my leader doesn’t know for sure, I can see if she has any suggestions on where you can find out. I have your Food Companion for you, just have to figure out when I’m going to get it to you! Take care!

  5. Thanks Fran… All the doctors say is “the drugs make it harder to loose weight” ha ha I could have figured that out. I don’t know if I should be eating less points.. I know I have to get moving but my joints hurt so much from the meds that it is so hard to get up and get going. Once I start moving I am OK but it is really hard to start when you know it will hurt. I am sure that is a big key, to exercise AND eat correctly, I am working on the eating correctly.. one thing at a time… I am a slow learner ha ha Thank you so much for picking up a booklet for me … I can stop by and pick it up over the weekend. Let me know when you are available. OR if you are headed to Verchio’s anytime I can leave an envelope with your name on it in the mailbox and you can just drop off the book?? How much is it with tax? Thanks so much for your help. 🙂

    • A very easy thing to start with for exercise: While you’re watching TV, just stand up and march in place. Do what you can to start with even if it’s just for 1 minute. Everytime you do it, you’ll probably be able to do it a little longer. It’s amazing how much just that simple thing can make a difference in your weight loss and in your case, it might help to loosen you up so you’ll hurt less. It’s just a suggestion, but I do it all the time to add some extra exercise because I’m just not good at fitting in exercise. I’ll give you a call. Maybe I could run up tomorrow night to drop off the book. Take care, sweetie!

  6. That is a great idea… Moving is the key and even if it is a little at a time it is better than not at all is the way I look at it. I feel like I am 90.. it is a horrible feeling. Even working in the yard, I know I used to do so much. Now I walk out there and I am tired before I even get started. I LOVE to dig in the dirt so it makes me upset to see I can’t do things like I used to. Thanks for the advise… I will start stepping in front of the TV tonight… ha ha… Call me anytime…

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