Splish Splash~Mish Mash

Thursday was terribly cold and rainy and I decided after feeling pretty chilly for a few hours that maybe the heater wasn’t working.  Sweet Ralph tried his best to get it working but we decided we needed to call PSE&G.  The lovely recorded voice told me that a technician would be here between 4 and 8!  Well at least it wasn’t 4 to 8 days from now!  We figured we’d survive. 🙂

I went on my planned trip to Verchio’s produce.

Hey really have the best fresh produce around and the best prices.  It was however incredibly damp and cold inside.  I was already freezing from no heat in the house, and this didn’t help.

Anyway, here’s my haul…

They had no clementines 😦  but they did have tiny mandarin oranges (which didn’t make the photo)  I also got Brussel sprouts (!), apples, pears, honeydew melon, pineapple, red bell pepper, Romaine and my very first mango! 

I often have a hard time figuring out how to pick a fruit, especially one I have no history with.  I picked one that was smooth skinned and firm so we’ll see how it works when I finally attempt to cut it up.

The rest of the day was again a little off track.  Spent most of the afternoon at Gail’s house helping (and staying warm!)  The service man came at about 5pm and just as I was in the car heading home, Ralph called to tell me he was finished.  I was happy to hear that.

Dinner was another salad with veggie burgers, which I realized was all I had eaten all day!  I have to work on that, I’ve been missing meals and that’s not a good thing. We finished off the last of the cinnamon loaf with coffee.   It was tasty and a nice treat.

Now it’s Friday and it will probably be another disjointed day.

I know it’s April Fool’s Day.  I hope to NOT make a fool of myself today.  We’ll see how that works out!  😉 

I do want to share a quote that I received in an e-mail today…

“At all times and in all places, always be the first to smile.” 

I like that…I’ll try to remember it today.  Happy Friday!


4 responses to “Splish Splash~Mish Mash

  1. Good luck with the mango. I love the flavor but they are not easy to work with. they have a huge pit and the flesh just clings to it. Be sure you have a very sharp paring knife.

  2. You have the best smile…it is always worth waiting for!

  3. LOVE the quote….

  4. valerie andruss

    I’m with Ginny! Let’s see a picture of that cut up mango 🙂

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