It’s Not Easy Being Green

Well actually, it seems that it is fairly easy to be green.  Things are turning green, the trees are getting their buds, the daffodils are all up (just the green parts!) and a few of the flowers.  It just SMELLS green outside! 🙂  I’m happy for spring after the winter we’ve had. 

But it was definitely rainy and dreary on Monday.  It looks like it may stay that way today.  I don’t usually listen to the weather reports, but I think I heard it would stay that way this week.  Ah, well…we’ll survive.

My green day started with a trip to Verchio’s Produce market.  They had a better supply of things than my last trip so I loaded up…

I got Romaine, snow peas, some strange little squash-very pretty, but I’m not sure what they are!-a cantaloupe, a pineapple and clementines!  I tore into the clementines as soon as I got home which is why you don’t see them in their little crate.  But I included 3 of them…why is it always 3?!?  Don’t know! 😉  I was disappointed that they didn’t have any red bell peppers, but I still have a few of last weeks green ones to use…see green again!  I thought I had gotten Brussel sprouts and I was annoyed when I realized I hadn’t gotten them. 😦

I can’t remember when I’ve bought a whole cantaloupe or pineapple, especially the pineapple.  I never know how to pick them, but I figured I’d give it a try.  I’m going to let them both sit on the counter for a few days.  They’ll probably ripen and be very tasty.  I’ve heard there’s a new contraption that cores and peels a pineapple all at one time.  I may go on a search for one.  Just what I need, another gadget! 😉 

I had gotten some produce for my friend Gail also.  I dropped it off to her and then spent the rest of the afternoon helping with her Mom.  I’ve said this before, but I’m so glad I’m home now and able to help her when she needs me.  I know she appreciates it.

I didn’t get home until almost 6pm.  I knew that Ralph was covered for dinner, he had his Ele leftovers of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.  I needed to figure out something for myself.  I cooked some brown rice, which almost burned because I was working on the computer and I was sure there was PLENTY of water in the pot.  It turned out fine…had a nice “woodsy” flavor!

To go with it, I decided I finally needed to use the asparagus I had gotten last week.  I don’t usually cook asparagus, mainly because I’m not sure what to do with it.  I just dove into the effort and I must say although what I put together was all rather odd, it was delicious in the end.

I cut up the asparagus (using the trick of breaking at the end where it wanted to-worked well!!)  I had no idea how long it would need to cook so I just let it cook.  I started it with olive oil and garlic, of course!

Still working on clearing out the freezer, I had a small portion of frozen green beans and chopped broccoli I wanted to finish off.  In my quest to be sure to add protein, I added some cannelini beans.  Funny, I really don’t like regular kidney beans, but I love the white ones.  Added veggie broth, lots of spices Mrs. Dash, Old Bay Onion &  Herbs and the ever-present black pepper.

The finished product topped with my WW sale cheese.  I’m on my second bag and I’m sad…it will be gone soon.   😦  I’ll have to find another deal!

It was SO delicious and the asparagus was cooked just right.  Of course I paid no attention to how long I cooked it so I’ll have to figure it out again the next time I do it! 

So green was the color of the day, proving that you can find color even in a rainy, dreary day.  Wonder what color I’ll find in today’s dreary day??   I’m feeling purple! Happy Tuesday!


7 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Happy Tuesday to you… Green looks good and so does that cantaloupe… yummy.. I can get great tips for WW from this blog, I love it. And you don’t eat meat so that is perfect! Thanks for the tips… Have a great SUNNY day in the dreary weather… 🙂

  2. You are always feeling purple!!! I love asparagus with eggs (Gram used to make that!) If you use egg beaters it’s even better for you!

  3. valerie andruss

    and we had 1″ pieces of asparagus cooked in olive oil & garlic w/Butoni(?) mushroom ravioli and Parmesan cheese last night. Yum.

    BTW – I know the answer to the pineapple /cantaloupe mystery: my mother taught me to smell the bottoms. When they smell good; they’re ripe.

  4. Wow.,,, I never knew how to pick cantaloupes.. I just buy them and cut them up and when they are ready (smelling really good) I eat them. My grandfather used to eat a half cantaloupe every morning for breakfast. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table.. Egg beaters and asparagus is soooo good. I also use spinach.. I love spinach. Thanks for the tips. I will be in the store smelling the bottoms. ha ha

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