Sunny Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday!

As I got into my car to go grocery shopping, I saw this…

Daffodils!!  Poor little things look like they’re in prison, but they’re just behind my front yard fence.  They’re so pretty.  The cool thing about them (and most of the flowers around my house) they’re very old.  They been here since my Grandmother and Grandfather lived here.  Every year when they come up I can’t help but think of Gram and Pop and thank them. 

It is neat living in their house and I feel like they’re still here with us.  (Sometimes it’s a little creepy, but that’s a story for another day!)

Major plan for the day was dinner at Ele’s for St. Patrick’s Day.  She always likes to make corned beef and cabbage for Ralph and we have a good time.  My contribution was as usual the salad.  I must say I was very disappointed with the Romaine hearts I bought at the grocery store.  I didn’t have time to go to my old reliable produce stand and I bought a 3 pack.  I have a really big salad bowl that I use and when I’m making salad for a get together, it usually takes 2 of the Romaine hearts to fill it.  This time I used all 3 and the bowl was only half full!  They were really wimpy.  I was sad because when I make one of those salads, I usually have lots of left overs for the week.  I ate the leftovers last night and it didn’t even fill my usual salad plate.  😦  That’s me not being happy…

It was so beautiful out, that Ele, Ralph and I decided to sit on the front steps to wait for our cousin, LuAnn to arrive.

Ralph and Ele! 🙂

Ralph, Ele and Me!  Still practicing that whole “take your own picture” thing!! 😉  You can tell from all the squinting how sunny it was!

LuAnn’s here!!  Isn’t she beautiful!  LuAnn grew up in the house that you see behind her in the picture.  She’s our wonderful cousin.  She was born when Ele and I were about 11 and 9 years old.  LuAnn was like our own living baby doll.  It was so cute.  Oh the pictures I could show of her in her poofy baby doll dresses!  Maybe some day when I’m feeling ornery! 😉

The 3 cousins…Me, LuAnn and Ele!  I love this picture…you did good, Ralph!

Ele’s infamous macaroni and cheese!  I promise I will post the recipe once I actually make it on my own (and figure out the measurements!)  It’s too good to be believed!

Yes, Ele makes Irish Potatoes, too.  There’s pretty much Nothing she can’t make.  (Wait until Easter!)

Tea for  three in antique teacups of great sentimental value.  That’s Ralph’s hand in the background drawing, of course!  He even gave LuAnn a drawing lesson. 

It was a lovely day.  We always have such a good time together.  We just talked and talked.  It’s so nice to have LuAnn with us.  We don’t see her as often as we should.  We’re all going to work on getting together more often.

Now, it Monday…It’s raining…I feel a Carpenter’s song coming on so I’d better close.  The rain is making me feel I showed just curl up with my book and a cup of tea and read all day.  That’s not likely to happen.  Happy Monday!


9 responses to “Sunny Sunday

  1. Rainy days and Monday’s always get me down too! But at least it’s not snow again! (Yet)

    I want to put in an order for Irish Potatoes. John usually gets them from his mom but she didn’t do it this year. Maybe Ele could come with another cottage market for candy and scones!

  2. You should suggest that to her! I’ll let her know!

  3. What a good time we had!!!

    Ginny, I will gladly make Irish potatoes for John. Just give me a few days notice of when you will be here and I’ll make them.
    As for rainy Mondays…well, I do not believe that there is a bone in my body that doesn’t ache!

  4. Patricia Quigley

    How nice. Are those teacups Depression g;lass? I

  5. ok,, lets try this… ha ha Don’t know which one I am responding to. I love the pics they came out great. I even like the tea cups and the food.. They all came out so clear. Beautiful. It was a great time seeing you guys… Next, PJ party with Ele. Have a wonderful week. Hope the warm weather comes soon. My flowers need the rain so I am not complaining…. My favorite time of the year is spring. I love flowers, even went to school to be a florist. The smell is wonderful and just cheers you up no matter what is going on in your life.

  6. oh… I forgot,, the Daffodils are beautiful.. I think my grandmother or grandfather planted some as well in Aunt Mary’s yard. They have been there since I was a kid. They come up and Aunt Mary used to tell me Uncle Joe would just run them over with the lawnmower and they still would come back and bloom beautifully.. ha ha Kinda like me, you can push me down but I come back kicking and screaming.. ha ha I am a Lightcap after all. ha ha

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