Saturday On The Go

Friday was a bit of a blur, doing laundry and then spending the afternoon at Gail’s.  I had some snacking issues last night…well a lot of snacking issues last night. 😦 But today is a new day.

On the way to Weight Watchers, I snapped this…

A lovely start to the day!

When I got to WW, things were not quite so lovely.  I gained 1 pound but I was still free, so that was a good thing.  I bought some of the WW Vanilla smoothie mix.  It has 10 grams of protein in it and I’ll get  more when I mix it with my Almond Breeze.  I can also add fruit to make a smoothie.  I seem to be craving something sweet at night and when there isn’t anything, I’ve been eating other things.  If I had something sweet, like a smoothie, I think that will help me to stop at that.  Here’s hoping! 🙂

That’s my plan for this week.  I have to control my night-time eating.  I need to have good snack options available to help me stay on track.  I need to continue my added exercise at night (which I seemed to have given up on later in the week last week.)

Busy day ahead of us.  Ralph and I are going to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival today.  It’s in Oaks, Pa. outside of Philadelphia.  If you’ve never been to one it is really worth the effort to get to one.  They are all over the country.  We go because our friend Leigh Nelson always shows her jewelry there.  She and her husband Gil have a company called Wings by Gil and Leigh.  We’ve known Leigh and Gill for a long time now.  They are the lovely couple who sold us our original land in New Mexico! 🙂  We became fast friends all those years ago and have remained so.  Sugarloaf usually comes to this area twice a year and we always do our best to go.  We spend the day at the show and when the show closes and Leigh closes down her booth, we always go out to dinner to catch up.  It’s a lot of fun and I try not to by TOO many things. 

So we’ll see what wonderful treasures we find today.  It’s always interesting and I’ll have LOTS of things to photograph.  Everyone enjoy your Saturday!


4 responses to “Saturday On The Go

  1. remember my “strawberry milk” that you like so much. Just frozen strawberries and milk in the blender! One cup of each. When I made it for you I rmemember you kept saying to me…are you sure it’s just frozen strawberries and milk! It was then and is now. I love it. You can use unsweetened strawberries and skim milk. (which is the way I made it for you the last time. I also add 1 teaspoon of vanilla which gives it a great punch.

    Have fun today!!! See you tomorrow!

  2. valerie andruss

    clearly you need to find yourself some broken cookies for the evening 😉

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