Saturdays are for Treats (and Protein)

After my hard-won success at Weight Watchers yesterday, I felt like going out to lunch.  I thought about if for a long time before I suggested it to Ralph.  I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t gone in a while, someplace I liked.  I suggested Moe’s Southwest Grill.

It’s one of my favorite places and I know they have lots of choices for me.  The only problem was the Chips…remember the chips I gave up for Lent?  So although I came up with the idea of Moe’s quickly, I thought long about the chips…fresh made chips…CHOICES of salsa.  Oh my, what to do?  Since I had settled in my mind on the Tofu Rice Bowl, I figured I was ok because they don’t serve you chips with that and I didn’t have to ask for “no chips” and have to have a long discussion about that in front of the staff.

I decided I would just suggest Moe’s and go from there.  Well as I was researching on-line what the nutritional value would be so that I could calculate the points, (I knew it would be a lot!) and after mentioning to Ralph that I wouldn’t be eating any chips because…blah, blah, blah…he decides to bring up the “fish” issue again.  Why can’t you eat fish, fish don’t have brains (but part of the argument was that they’re “brain food.”  Go figure that one!!)  “Because I don’t want to”  wasn’t taken as a valid reason, the fact that I get plenty of protein from other sources was also not a valid reason.  Fortunately, after a few minutes the discussion was dropped. (whew! she says wiping her forehead with her hand!)

So back to my research.  Moe’s website has to be one of the best ever to look up the nutritional value of your food! Not only do they give you the nutritional label, but they allow you to adjust any personalizations you make to your choice to see how it will change the value.  It’s incredible, especially for a WW member! 🙂

So off we went to Moes!!

(Just noticed the stranger in the photo…him I don’t know.)

I ordered the Tofu Rice Bowl.

I was so excited a few months back when I realized they had added this to the menu.  I actually heard a TV commercial and I was amazed that they would mention Tofu in a commercial.  But I can tell you that it got me into the restaurant! 😉

Still having trouble with all of the “why are you taking pictures of your food?” questions. 

I would have taken more photos of the inside which is very colorful and a lot of fun.  But I got my food and the exterior, so you get the feel.

My rice bowl was delicious. It did cost me 19 points, but I had some of my weekly points left so I was ok. The good news?   Thanks to Moe’s website, I know that in that little bowl of deliciousness I got 32 grams of protein!  Of course being the non confrontational person that I am, I didn’t mention it.  I kept it to myself but I’m keeping in my arsenal of ammunition in case I have to fight the battle again. 

My meditation practice last night went very well.  I felt very focused.  I like doing it in the evening and perhaps that’s because by that time in the day, I need something to calm and focus me.  I am going to try to do it morning and night.  There’s no reason why I won’t be able to do that. 

So I sprang ahead this morning, I’m up early and I have projects.  Spring ahead means that Spring is that much closer.  Have a beautiful Sunday!


8 responses to “Saturdays are for Treats (and Protein)

  1. I love Moe’s! I love that they have a mini burrito now! Those other burritos were at 1100 calories so id eat one for lunch and 1 for dinner.

  2. I’ll take you to Moe’s and you can take all the pictures that you want to. I won’t even make fun of the tofu!

    I did my meditation at the park after church today. I have a frozen left ear ( I went clockwise from the picnic grove) but the wind and the sound of the water slapping on the shore made me think of where I really want to be…the beach!

  3. I second Ele. We will both take you to Moe’s, and then you won’t be alone taking crazy food photos. :-p Honestly, I only do it around family, you ladies, and 2 other friends. I think I’m getting better at incognito, though. “Oh, this is just me checking the settings on the table, before I aim up and photograph people…” Hahaha.

    I have every hope that our springing ahead lets me stay awake a little longer and get in some good meditation. I only got through 2 yesterday, because I didn’t have a chance at night!

  4. I have a great idea!!!! Let’s go to Moe’s so that you two can take pictures for your blogs and then we can all go to the park and do walking meditation together!!!! I did it the other day and at first felt stupid walking along, mumbling and swinging my beads. But then I thought…I’m old now, so I am no longer crazy but ecentric! Which is much nicer than crazy!!

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