Oh Happy Day!

As you can tell from the title of this post, I’ve had a good morning so far.  After spending a week of trying very hard to follow my Weight Watchers program and staying on track with my points, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel this morning and no it wasn’t a train! 😉 

I lost 2 and 3/4 pounds today!!  I felt as if I had done well, but that was more than I expected and of course I was thrilled! 🙂

I think this week was actually a good learning experience for me.  That may sound a little odd considering I have been a WW member for 23 years, but I am serious about it.  I’ve been talking about the fact that one of the things I hope to achieve with my meditation practice is focus.  I was not feeling as if I was bringing things into focus.  Without realizing it, I think the first step in achieving it has been with Weight Watchers. 

Even after all of this experience with WW, I spend many days, just poking around at it; not taking seriously what I’m doing.  I feel that this week I turned a corner there.  I spent a lot of time, figuring what I was going to eat and taking the time to judge what would be the best choice for me. 

So many times, I eat the same things because I either like them or they’re easy or I know how to count them.  This week it seems to me I took more time to actually determine which would be the best choice.  I did get stuck a bit with my new favorite breakfast, oat bran.  I had it every morning this week.  But I realized I need to change it up. 

I think the fact that I’m now tracking the protein I get is making a difference.  Because of that I’m looking at food differently.  I remember learning when I first started WW that it was important that you have protein at breakfast, it satisfies you and sets your body up to burn calories efficiently all day. 

This was my breakfast this morning…

Chobani Fat Free Lemon yogurt and Fiber One Original Cereal.  I’ve often mixed the Fiber One with yogurt before, but I sort of got away from it.  I love Chobani plain but I only tried the flavored ones this week.  I had a peach one earlier in the week.  Peach is one of my favorites.  But Lemon is my real fave.  This was so tasty and I’m excited because I got it on sale and I have a lot of it in the fridge.  I got some of the plain also which is good to make up my own flavors.  I’ll have to get creative and share my new ideas.

This is also very high in protein.  The Fiber One has 2 grams of protein and the Chobani has 15!  So that’s 17 grams of fiber for breakfast!  You can’t argue with that.

Because of going to my WW meeting this morning, I didn’t get to do my meditation practice, but I will do it this evening.  In fact, last week when I did it in the evening, I really enjoyed it.  I wish I could work out my time to do my practice both morning and evening.  I just have to figure out a way.  I think I proved this week that I can figure out a challenge and end with a positive outcome.  I can do it! 🙂  So can you.  Have a great Saturday!


4 responses to “Oh Happy Day!

  1. I’m so proud of you. I knew you could do it!

    My practice has changed things around now ,too. It’s so weird. Whenever I think of something that I would like to do or want to do anymore…well, it appears! I Like It!!!

    Conrats on the loss!

  2. valerie andruss

    way to go at weight watchers!

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