I Can See Clearly Now

I got to work yesterday on the glassware that I unearthed from my kitchen cabinets.  The icky part was that some of it was hidden on top of the cabinets behind that front piece and I didn’t even know it was there!  It was so dusty and dirty I couldn’t believe it.  Should have photographed it, but I wanted to take “positive” photos, of nice clean glassware.  So here goes! 🙂

Pretty, sparkly and CLEAN!!

It’s now living in the back seat of my car so that I can take it to Ele for the Rummage Sale!!

It makes me very happy!  It’s out of my house and it will help the church, so that’s exciting to me.  I still have a few more cabinets to clean out and then I’ll be finished.  I have to keep some things in there, since we still need to eat…we do?!? 😉

Dinner last night was very good and VERY filling!

Garlic, red bell pepper, Cremini mushrooms, cabbage and cannellini beans and grape tomatoes that are starting to wilt.  I had to use the cabbage.  I had bought it for another recipe that I didn’t get to, so I didn’t want it to go to waste.  I love cooked cabbage anyway and don’t always think of it as an addition to a stir fry.  It certainly is economical so it’s a good choice.  My lead in to St. Patrick’s Day perhaps!

The wonderful steaming bowl!  Served over brown rice.

So good and I didn’t need any snacks except a few clementines (Can you guess how many?  3!!)

My meditation practice is still going well.  Each day I feel a little more connected to it.  It is a wonderful way to start the day.  I have to find a way to give it more time.  We’ll see how that goes.

Now it’s Friday,  I feel I’ve had a good week regarding food and I’m looking forward to good results at Weight Watchers tomorrow.  We’ll see what happens, and I’ll share the news…good or bad…but I’ve voting for GOOD!

Happy Friday!


6 responses to “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. This looks really yummy.

    All that pretty glassware! I may need to come to rummage again next month!

  2. When you come to visit us in NM, I’ll cook for you! Yes, please come to rummage again. I should be able to be there when you are next time!

  3. Ginny, we will gladly let you come when you can and let you have first pick!
    Fran, I love cooked cabbage, too, and honestly don’t know why I always forget it. I will have to give you the coleslaw dressing recipe. Sometimes, in the summer, I just slice the cabbage and pour it over like a salad. So very yummy!!!
    As for meditation, I have about 80,000 reps to go! I wonder when it will be time to buy that lottery ticket?

  4. Excellent, Ms. Ele! I know you can do it. You will know when it’s the right time!

  5. valerie andruss

    love that glassware!

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