Recipes of the World

There was once again, no food photographed yesterday!  I’m frustrated with myself, but I have to say that yesterday seemed like a fully wasted day.  I had no enthusiasm for anything and didn’t even accomplish the reading I had planned.  So this coming week has to get better by comparison!

I have one fun thing to share.  In my process of cleaning out, packing up, etc I made an interesting discovery. 

It’s a cookbook given to me by my best friend ( when she found it too unwieldy to use herself) It has 1000 recipes….From Around The World…it weighs 10 pounds!  I had to know what it weighed, I was thinking 4 or 5…my bathroom scale (which I never use to weigh myself!) said 10!!  It’s incredible!  It has so many recipes in it that it makes my head spin.  But sadly as I always seem to find in vegetarian cookbooks, everything is VERY complicated.  There are tons of “those” ingredients that you’ve never heard of, can’t pronounce, can’t find and you need a sixteenth of a teaspoon.  They also give you no alternate ingredient in case you can’t find it.  I have come across a few lately that do give alternates of more ordinary ingredients which helps a lot. 

If I ever get to the point where I do my own cookbook, you can bet it will have easy, regular ingredients or if it’s something out of the ordinary, it will have alternates!

So although I’m looking forward to traveling through the “recipes of the world” I’m sure I will be looking for shortcuts and I can already tell by what I’ve read, that I’ll be making attempts to lighten them up.  So many times, I use cookbooks for ideas only.  But I do hope some day to share my favorites with you. 

I do have some to share this week in my effort to get myself back on track and to prove that I get a sufficient amount of protein.  Ralph tells me I need to eat fish because I don’t get enough protein without it.  I try to nicely say I’m doing well when it comes to protein, but I don’t think he believes me. 

I’m on a quest to find out exactly how much protein a person needs on a daily basis.  One website had me calculate my weight by a formula and it told me 62 grams per day.  That sounds like a lot to me.  I need to do more research on this and try to figure it out.  I now have another project, I’m calculating my points AND my protein grams.  🙂  Just what I need, another project!

Day 7 of meditation practice was good yesterday, but the last few days I’ve been having difficulty focusing. That’s what meditation is for though, to teach us to focus.  That’s my plan.  I’d like to fit some more practice in each evening too.  I’ll have to work on that. 

I have high hopes for this week in so many ways.  Happy Monday!


5 responses to “Recipes of the World

  1. Wow! Your cookbook weighs almost as much as my book about the Queen Mum!
    As I recall, she’d been around the world a few times herself!

    My meditation hit a huge bump yesterday. I only did the required one round on my mala. My head and my heart weren’t in it. When the little guy leaves my life goes from being completely full to totally empty. Usually, I get over that by meditating. It did not work yesterday. But, this morning I am back on track again with 8 full malas before work (and one extra because I was half asleep when I did the first one and I’m not sure if I did my mantra mantras or my reiki mantras! egads!!!!) Life goes on!

  2. don’t be frustrated about the photography; sometimes the mood just doesn’t strike!

    and you’re right, that’s what meditation is all about–learning the focus. 🙂 i’ve been doing my mantra at a whisper, and if my mind starts to get too far away from me, i switch to really saying it aloud. that worked a few times for me.

    i’m sorry that you’re frustrated overall. i have high hopes for your week. to a happier tuesday!

  3. I am back on track and running wild! Everybody has a bad day and Sunday was mine! I should have called you, Kristen! Since I have to leave work early now I went to Riverwinds yesterday and did some of my mantras there while watching the river look a great deal like the ocean! You girlies always life me up. Thanks so much!

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